Friday, September 16, 2011

Not Much Going On

Like the title says, my life has become pretty boring since school started again. Is anyone else ready for the holidays like me? I've already been planning my Halloween costume. I've decided I'm going to be Lyra from The Golden Compass. I haven't finished the first book yet, but so far I really like her character and I think she kind of looks like me. My friend Frankie from Life as Frankie Finds It has been helping me figure out what to use and JJ's going to lend me Maxwell, her stuffed guinea pig, to use as my daemon.

I still have math tutoring on Thursday, but Aaron decided we had to banish Riley to her room while I work or else I get distracted to easily. Me? Get distracted? Never! We also had to cut back on the baking since Mother was worried I was eating too many sweets. But she promised we can go crazy for the holidays. Which is another reason I can't wait for Halloween! It's also my favorite holiday, of course.

Well, I thought I'd just give a quick update before I go back to doing homework. Not that I really want to do homework. But apparently it's mandated.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Slumber Party

Since it was a long weekend, Mother allowed me to have JJ and Riley over to spend the night on Sunday. I was so excited for JJ to meet Riley, and a little nervous that they wouldn't like each other. But I needn't have worried. JJ and Riley hit it off right away.

 We found out that Rileyis an incredible card player. She beat JJ and I at 3 games of Uno! She says she played cards with her grandparents all summer.
Since that was hungry work, we raided the kitchen for some cookies and watched a movie. It took us a long time to decide on a movie. JJ wanted Pirates of the Caribbean, Riley wanted Ice Age, and I wanted The X-Files. Guess what we decided on? Nope, I didn't get my way. None of us did, in fact! Gillian came in and said she wanted to watch The Secret Garden. Since I'm such a great older sister I agreed. It was a good movie.
 Next we took some pictures. This is the only one that turned out good. Apparently none of us was very photogenic that day. Hey, it was a long weekend, we were supposed to be lazy!
 Around bedtime we got into our pajamas and played stuffed animals.
The next day after breakfast (bagels and peanut butter!) we played outside and then went to Riley's house for lunch and to bake brownies. Aaron was out so we didn't have any help with the baking, but we did a sufficient job...of making a mess! But don't worry we cleaned it up. The brownies were uber gooey since I don't think we baked them long enough. But they were delicious!