Monday, May 30, 2011

Karate 2

Another dramatic karate class. Luckily I had JJ's dad with me. Since it's been raining forever and there is a ton of flooding all baseball practices were canceled. JJ and Jack came to support me, too.

My class started out good. Alex and I were at opposite ends of the room. But during our water break she came over to me.
"I see you're back," she told me.
"Of course," I said.
She grabbed my water bottle but I'm not sure what she was going to do with it since JJ's dad came over. Alex gave the bottle back to me and stalked off. But somehow we ended up as partners. That was enough for me, I told the teacher that Alex was picking on me and I didn't feel comfortable being her partner. The teacher told me to tough it out! I wanted to cry, but I knew I couldn't and I knew I had to at least try to get along with Alex. Or at least figure out why she seems to hate me so much.

But JJ's dad wasn't going to put up with that. He went right up to the teacher and told him that Alex and I weren't compatible and we needed to be placed with someone we felt more confident practicing with.

I think the constant rain and cloudy weather has been making everyone a little testy because the teacher bluntly asked JJ's dad if I was his daughter or if he had any relationship to me at all and if not to mind his own children and not micromanage other people's. And then he made a nasty comment that JJ's dad must have a habit of picking up other peoples children since it is clear that JJ and Jack are not as white as their father.

We left then and are going to get that teacher fired. Since I was out early, we headed to the hospital where Mother is a secretary, which is also the hospital Jess' dad is a surgeon at. Us kidlets were told to go find a snack machine while the grown-ups talked.

JJ and I got cookies and Jack got chips and we got a bottle of apple juice to share. Our parents were still talking along with Casey, but I don't think the conversation was about karate anymore since they shut up when they saw us. Mother said I was going to spend the night at JJ's and she would pick me up in the morning.

That was Friday and Saturday. Today I'm going over to Jess' house for a Memorial Day lunch and I'll post about that when I get a chance. Sorry if this has been an angst-y-ish post. That Alex girl has really thrown me for a loop.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before that I take karate. My uncle was my teacher for a few months, but since he moved back to New York (Rebecca is his daughter) my class had to get a new teacher. There was also a new student today and I got partnered up with her. Her name is Alex and she's a year older than I am and a little more advanced in karate. I held the punching bag thing-y and held my breath like I always do for fear of getting kicked.
Everything was going great so far. Alex had very good coordination and accuracy. I was starting to have fun since I wasn't near as worried as usual about my partner missing.
I don't really know what happened next. Alex claimed I moved my hand, but I'm certain I did not. She missed and fell over backwards (that's when I lowered my hand).
I've never been so scared before when she jumped up and shoved me in the stomach. She kept calling me names I'd rather not repeat and threatening to choke me. I was afraid to yell for the new teacher since I didn't know him. Luckily he did notice, but he only mildly told Alex to behave and it was time to switch partners.
I just wanted the class to end and barely put any effort into my kicks and punches. Now the teacher thinks I'm lazy and not very good. But I don't really care about that right now. JJ's dad picked me up along with Kit and his son. (He coaches his son's baseball team which practices right after Kit's team. Kit stays and helps the little kids).

I started to tell Kit what happened when Alex stormed over.
"Who's the little punk boy?" she demanded. Okay, seriously the girl has her knickers in a twist or something and apparently Kit looks like a boy when her hair is in a ponytail and she's wearing a baseball uniform. I mumbled that she was my sister Kit. Alex shoved Kit in the shoulder and I grew defensive and shoved her. She tackled me down, but we were quickly stopped by JJ's dad.

I had to tell JJ's dad everything on the ride to his house. He reminded me to tell the teacher immediately if it happened again. I promised I would and he said he would stay during the next class if I wanted him to. JJ is so lucky to have such a great father!

I was super glad to see JJ and told my story again to her. I felt better after talking about the fight again. But I'm not very excited to go to class next Friday.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May Day Basket

I finally got to open my May Day basket from the exchange. Thanks so much to qweensyd1 and all the girls!

I quickly grabbed some scissors and began opening the package while Mother breathed all over me to "be careful, young lady!". Maybe some smaller scissors would have been better!
 But I managed and found a basket full of awesomeness and a beautiful card!

I love the bandanna! I'm going to have a hard time deciding what to wear on my head now! I got a cute little wolf (my favorite animal!) and tons of toys.
My sisters are quite jealous of all my goodies, but they didn't make a basket themselves, so they shouldn't expect to have gotten anything. But I'm a good sister and will let them play with my new things...for a few minutes anyway!