Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Pictures

I figured I should post the family pictures taken on Easter. I think they turned out pretty cute!
 My Family
 Gillian and Morgan
 Kit and ME
 JJ and ME
 Jess and Ella
And this is me in my new ghost hat courtesy of the Bolton Girls. Thanks, girls!

I can't believe school is almost over! My school gets out in two weeks! JJ doesn't get out until June, though. I'm hoping it will be nice enough to play outside by then, 'cause right now it's still been snowing occasionally. But anyways, does anyone have any plans for the summer? I have one: I'm going to the AG store in Colorado! SQUEE! I've never been to one before. It's going to be hard to decide what I want the most. 

The season finale of Fringe airs next Friday. I think this has been the best season so far. I'm certain Joshua Jackson got hotter in the last episode. You guys might remember that I'm also obsessed with Flashpoint? Well, that starts again next Friday! Totally cannot wait. Sergio Di Zio, who plays Spike, is quite cute, too, but not as hot as Joshua Jackson.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Cookies

How was everyone's Easter? Mine was crazy as all holidays are. After church my family, JJ's family, and Mac went over to Jess' house to make cookies and meet Jess' second cousin Felicity Fitzgerald.

First off we made cookies.
Since Mac is the most responsible we let her mix the dough.
I patiently waited for a taste of cookie dough, which everyone knows is the best part of making cookies.
Felicity couldn't wait until the dough was mixed and snuck some chocolate chips when she thought no one was looking. Felicity's dad and Jess' dad are cousins. Her family is visiting, though I can't quite remember where they live.
Mac granted Kit the first taste of dough. Then we had to wait FOREVER (okay, ten minutes) before the cookies were done.
Narrowly missing being attacked by cookies loving cousins (and sisters), Kit bravely brought the finished cookies to the table. But somehow one tray was missing. How does a tray of cookies vanish? Everyone started looking around and blaming each other. We set off in search of the Sullivan's dog, but he was still in the yard and had not taken any cookies. It was quite a mystery until we heard a big burp and found JJ sacked out with the missing tray.
She quickly gave up the remaining cookies and vowed to not eat another one today... At least not during that hour of that day.
Everything settled down and I snagged my own cookie.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


When you have a bunch of little sisters it is easy to know when a holiday is coming! Annie and Morgan have been off-the-walls excited since yesterday. Hopefully I will survive a few more days! We spent yesterday deciding what color eggs we each wanted to hunt. Since Elizabeth decided she is too old this year, it was much easier since there is only 6 colors in a package.
ME = purple
Kit = orange
Nellie = pink
Gillian = blue
Morgan = yellow
Annie = green

All of us got our favorite color except Nellie who likes red, and Annie who likes polka dots (yes, that is a color in our house). Our baskets are our favorite colors as well. Mother says it makes life easier to assign each of us a color.

We're going to dye eggs on Saturday and do some baking. JJ, Jess, and Ella are coming over to help make cookies.

I can hear Morgan and Annie screaming and running down the hall again. I better go help Mother distract them with something shiny. Oh, my lunch with Andy went good! We talked about our pets. He has a heeler named... Doggett! He likes The X-Files! How did I not know that before? He says he doesn't mention it since everyone our age is too young to have watched it on TV. He says we have to plan on a marathon sometime.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Warm Weather

It is finally nice out! I doubt it will last, but I'll take what I can get. JJ spent the night last night. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean and Fringe. JJ loves Johnny Depp and I love Joshua Jackson so that worked out nicely. Fringe was totally awesome last night! It was kind of a strange episode, but it worked well and didn't come off as cheesy. And Joshua Jackson was as hot as ever.

I talked to Andy a couple of times at school, but we don't seem to have as much in common as I hoped. He talks about his best friend a lot and his music classes. Apparently he is a really good singer! I like music too (I take piano lessons), but I don't really care about getting real technical about it, you know? He said I could have lunch with him and his friend on Monday. I hope he remembers.

That's all I got today. Time to head outside and soak up some sun (but not much, I don't want to melt!).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Andy and Other Stuff

I kind of prefer celeb guys to the boys I now since they are usually better looking and not as scatter-brained. But there is one boy in my class who I think is pretty cute. His name is Andy Wharton and he has curly brown hair and wears glasses. He's kind of shy, but he seems to be really talkative with his friends. I know I'm too young to date, but I'd really like to be his friend. I'm just not good with that whole world of stuff. Any advise?

The school year is almost over! Though I know that means I probably won't see Andy unless I become his friend. But summer vacations trumps boys 100 times over. Mother says we'll go hiking at least once nearby and go up to the mountains once. Hopefully we'll be able to go more often, but she has a feeling she is going to be busy this summer. Which, I think, means I'll be babysitting a lot or I'll be babysat myself a lot since Mother doesn't like to leave us alone too often.

Anyone getting warm weather yet?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Frankie's Blog

If you visit my other blog (Haunted Dollhouse) you know that I co-write it with my friend Frankie. Now Frankie has her own blog, too! Your can check it out here: Life As Frankie Finds It. Give Frankie a hello and a welcome to the blog world. Love ya, Frankie!