Sunday, July 18, 2010


Mother said I need to clean my room today before it looks like a UFO crashed in my bedroom. I don't think it's too messy, but Mother rules. Luckily the J's were over to help. Jess and her dad stopped by before they left for their trip to Hawaii. She is so lucky! Her dad had to get a few last minute things, Mother went with him and told me I was in charge and if I got my room cleaned and babysat Gillian, she would pay me. So it was off to work.

See? Not too terribly messy.
I started putting away clothes. Jess made the bed. Jocelyn played with my Lego horses, Gillian put away my school supplies. Jess got a new outfit for her trip. She's going to be gone a whole week.
We finished in no time! Which meant we had time to go on the internet and make sure the '90's hadn't come back.Sometimes JJ's wardrobe scares me and I was just a baby in the '90's. But I guess she can pull it off, being as cute as she is. That's my JJ!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Picture

It's been too hot these past few days to do anything. Jocelyn and I go swimming a couple times a week; anything to cool off. You know what the worst thing to do when it's hot is? Take a family picture. Mother thought since all of us have been hanging around that we needed to get some "bonding" in. Taking a family picture is not bonding. Taking a family picture is what causes sisters to pull each other's hair out and scream every word they are not supposed to know. So, for all our pain, here's the picture.
I know we look so attractive in our summer clothes. What scares me is how much we all look alike! Annie and I are the only ones without blue eyes. Mine are hazel and Annie's are brown. Anyway, I think I look adorable as usual. Anyone else dying from the summer heat?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hiking on the Fourth

My family, Jocelyn's family, and Jess and her dad had a picnic and went hiking yesterday. It was crazy! Too many girls! But it was fun. We had hamburgers and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. Who over thought of roasting marshmallows and sticking it between two graham crackers with chocolate? That person was a genius.

To burn off all the sugar from the lemonade we drank by the gallon, the J's and I found some rocks to climb. Jess was on such a sugar buzz, she climbed as well.
Turns out she can be quite the risk taker.
Ah, the screams of the grown-ups telling her to be careful.

It was trees galore for me. Like my new cowboy boots? I'll have to take some better pictures of them, they have embroidery on the sides.

Of course it's not a picnic without having to pose for pictures. JJ said I should sit in the back since I'm such a donkey's butt about hogging the camera. Am totally not. JJ had too many cookies.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jess' House

I went to Jess' house to play today. She used to live in this huge house, but she and her dad moved to a small house a few months ago. But it's still awesome with all this expensive furniture that matches. Jess has an antique-ish bedroom set.

Of course JJ and I aren't used to being around nice furniture and we started throwing around Jess' soccer ball.
She stopped us faster than you can say "monkey butt".
I'm all, "Jess, we're just having fun. We're being careful."
"You guys don't know how to be careful," she informs us.
So we headed downstairs to have a snack and watch a movie