Friday, July 2, 2010

Jess' House

I went to Jess' house to play today. She used to live in this huge house, but she and her dad moved to a small house a few months ago. But it's still awesome with all this expensive furniture that matches. Jess has an antique-ish bedroom set.

Of course JJ and I aren't used to being around nice furniture and we started throwing around Jess' soccer ball.
She stopped us faster than you can say "monkey butt".
I'm all, "Jess, we're just having fun. We're being careful."
"You guys don't know how to be careful," she informs us.
So we headed downstairs to have a snack and watch a movie


  1. Jess' room looks beautiful! I'm glad she redirected you two downstairs to watch a movie. So, what movie did you end up watching?


  2. Sophie,

    Jess is only aloud to watch Disney movies, so we watched Lion King 2. I've seen it so many times it's insane! My baby sisters are obsessed with Disney as well.


  3. good choice. how does jess like her new place?

  4. Karma,

    Jess says she loves it 'cause she has a bigger backyard (I'm like okay, Jess, you never go outside) and her bedroom is on the top floor, like a tower room. It's an old house, so it's pretty cool looking.