Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Picture

It's been too hot these past few days to do anything. Jocelyn and I go swimming a couple times a week; anything to cool off. You know what the worst thing to do when it's hot is? Take a family picture. Mother thought since all of us have been hanging around that we needed to get some "bonding" in. Taking a family picture is not bonding. Taking a family picture is what causes sisters to pull each other's hair out and scream every word they are not supposed to know. So, for all our pain, here's the picture.
I know we look so attractive in our summer clothes. What scares me is how much we all look alike! Annie and I are the only ones without blue eyes. Mine are hazel and Annie's are brown. Anyway, I think I look adorable as usual. Anyone else dying from the summer heat?


  1. Cute family picture! There are a lot of blondes in your family! :o We've got like two blondes in our entire school, a handful of redheads, and the rest of us have brown or black hair.We don't take very many school photos around here, though, because someone is always missing, and it's usually me. Haha.


  2. I noticed how much you all looked alike .. that is a great family photo too .. we love taking family photos NOT!! .. it is always a big production and everyone is exhausted afterwards.

    We have a mixture around here, but it is funny because we have triplets and then Tirya & Emi look alike. It has been really hot here too, too hot to be outdoors, but we are just glad that the rain has stopped for awhile.

    Ta Ta,

  3. Gorgeous family portrait! You do look quite alike. Well, despite the eye color with you and Annie. You all have blond hair, though!
    I am SO dying from the summer heat. We live in FL so you can imagine how hot it gets here. :( Oh, well. At least the temperature gives you an excuse to relax at the pool or hit the beach now and again! :)


  4. Wow, you would all fit in well around here when Kailey and I go for our surfing lessons. Lots of blondes at the beach. Are you sure your family isn't in Sweden or something? :) We only have four blondes in our house of something like eighteen roommates. We just added our third redhead, but otherwise our group tends to have brown or black hair.

    Great family photo, Em. Sorry to hear the bonding wasn't happening over all the hair pulling and fighting, but hey, what are sisters for? I've got two who look like me and they only wish they WERE me!