Friday, August 26, 2011

New Friend + School

I started school on Wednesday, and it went well thanks to having met a new friend the week before. Her name is Riley Henderson and she is my math tutor's roommate's daughter (yes, I know, awkward title). I didn't know Sean had a daughter since I, obviously, hadn't seen her before. Turns out she spends the summers at camp and then at her grandparent's house in northern Montana. She had just gotten back a few days before I met her. It was a bit weird at first, being as it was a complete surprise, but she had a Westie! Anyone who has a terrier is automatically a great person. You have to be to put up with the little beasties! Her Westie's name is Colin and she is very soft and scruffy. I told her about Coco, Coconut, and Knut and we spent the next fifteen minutes talking about the silly things our dogs do. But then Aaron said we needed to get a little bit of math done.

Luckily Aaron was very understanding and kept are session quick. Riley and I played board games and talked the rest of the afternoon. Best news was that she is going to be in my class! She used to go to the closer public school, but her dad wants her to get some religious schooling as well. It's going to be wonderful having a friend in my class! We made a promise to meet in front of the school on our first day.

I didn't want to leave, but Mother wanted me home for dinner.

On Wednesday, Mother drove Kit and I to our school. Riley was already waiting. I gave her a big hug and we searched for our classroom together and founds seats next to each other. I didn't feel nervous at all. Which was a good thing because our teacher isn't the friendliest. Though maybe she was just nervous.

Riley and I have plans to make cookies this weekend and have a sleepover. We're already planning a big sleepover with JJ for Labor Day weekend. JJ and Riley can't wait to meet each other. So far this school year if off to a great start!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mountain Climbing

Okay, so we didn't climb any real mountains, more like a big rock, but it's the thought that counts!
JJ and I went hiking this week. Possibly our last hike of the summer which makes me sad. This has been such a great summer. I don't want it to end! The only bad thing was JJ cracked the lens of her glasses, but luckily her dad was able to fix it.
 At the top of the mountains (or Rims as it's called) there used to be a cabin, but it got torn down and all that is left is the stove. It's huge! JJ and I pretended we were in a giants castle. After that we explored a little and I found the creepiest thing! It was a pointed stake with red paint on the pointed end. It looked like blood! Green Girls, you better watch out. I think the vampire hunters are out in about and right now there in Montana.

After exploring we had a snack and took in the view. Yup, our legs are hanging off the edge of the cliff. Okay, not really. There's a ledge below us. JJ's dad would never let us be that dangerous.
I don't start school for a few more weeks, but between now and then it will be crazy getting ready. Is anyone else feeling the end of summer blues?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I must say this has been quite the summer! Yesterday JJ and I went hiking with her dad and Jack. We just went to a local hiking spot. It rained the entire time! It was great! We didn't get any pictures since we didn't really want to stop. But we did find a slightly sheltered spot under some trees to have lunch. PB&J! On the way back to the car it rained harder. We got down in 20 minutes! The ground was muddy and slippery by then and JJ and I had to run most of the way.

Last week during tutoring Aaron and I baked up a storm (and did some math) and this Thursday we are going to make truffles (chocolate, not mushrooms)! I was there for a couple of hours. When Sean (spelled it wrong before, oops) got home he said I could stay for dinner. I called Mother and she said it was okay. We had spaghetti. It was so good! Aaron can make everything taste a thousand times better. I asked him how he learned to cook so well, but he said he wasn't sure. He just can. He still doesn't talk a whole lot, so Sean and I did all the talking at dinner. After eating we took Remy for a walk to my house. Coco was mad when she saw me with another dog, but I gave her a treat and she was all better.

Karate has been nice now that I don't see Alex. Is it weird that I kind of miss the drama? Oh, well, I'm sure once school starts again there will be plenty of new drama. If you get a chance, please check out my friends store blog: The Crazy Doll Ladies Store. They always have a ton of cute things.