Friday, September 14, 2012

Info Dump!

Yes, I know, if I hadn't been so lazy for three months and kept you guys updated on my life I wouldn't have to dump a ton of info on you. But, I'm sure (at least you better have!) noticed I have been gone. Unfortunately it wasn't because I was off having grand adventures. Nope, I achieved nothing on my summer wish list. I've just plainly been too lazy and I felt like I needed a break. I can't promise that I'll continue to update frequently again, but I'll try harder. Here is the update on the important people and issues in my life.

Riley--She went to science camp for a few weeks in the summer. We spent most of the summer together doing nothing. She made the track team at school and goes four-wheeling with her dad every Saturday.

JJ--She spent the summer swimming and made the competitive swim team. Her baby sister Jadyn will be turning 1 next month. She has gotten so big!

Mac--I barely saw my cousin all summer. She's been very busy with her friends.

Lyra--The Lyra I met in Chicago decided she didn't want to blog with me. Oddly enough I met another Lyra, Mac's cousin on her dad's side. Even weirder is that they look the same! This Lyra is fourteen, like Mac. I don't really know much else about her.

Aaron--I started tutoring again with him yesterday and he gave me his own info dump. He and Viggo (his boyfriend) are doing very well and Viggo's father is going to get Aaron a part-time (very part-time, as in one day a week) job at his office doing computer work. Aaron isn't very excited, but it's a big step for him to get a job and leave the house. But things aren't all roses for him. You remember Nora? The girl he was dating before he came out? Well, she's pregnant and is 90% certain he's the father. You know all those things you learn in sex ed about how to prevent pregnancy? Yeah, they didn't listen either.

My dad--I haven't said much about this situation in awhile, mainly because nothing has come up. He is still, apparently, missing which is fine by me.

My mom and Casey--They are still together, but I'm not sure if it will ever go anywhere. Casey is getting impatient for my mom to act and find a way to get divorced from my father, but since she hasn't yet, I don't blame Casey for getting annoyed. I don't want another dad, and I do not want Jess to be my step-sister so I am hoping Casey leaves.

I promise next time I will actually post something more interesting! I hope everyone else had a more thrilling summer.