Monday, October 31, 2011

It's That Day!

Happy Halloween! Today is the best holiday of the year! It's already pretty chaotic (though when is it not at my house?). Mother is pretty frazzled trying to get us where we need to be. Tonight she is taking all the younger kids (Kit thru Annie) to a block party in Jess' neighborhood and then trick-or-treating there. Elizabeth is going to a party with Ham. Liz is a "sexy" pirate and Ham is a ballerina. That was the scariest costume I have seen in my life! Ham in a tutu? Not pretty.

My costume has two parts: My Lyra coat with guinea pig daemon.
And my Lyra ship outfit with cat daemon. I entered this one in the AGPT costume contest.
Tonight JJ and I are going to Riley's house for a sleepover. We're going to do some trick-or-treating, too, but mostly we're going to play games, eat snacks, and watch scary movies. And I'll get to spend it with with Aaron! JJ's baby sister is due today so we're picking JJ up at school. JJ wants her middle name to be Halloween, but I don't think her parents were going for the idea. I don't know why, Halloween would be an awesome middle name! I wish I was born on a holiday.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow of our party. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Something Happened!

I was beginning to fear that my life had become completely boring. Thankfully Riley said we could have our dinner party Friday night. I got the idea for a dinner party from my friend Frankie. I told Riley about it and she told her dad and he thought it was a cool idea. However, Riley thought we should each have a date. I reminded her of our pact, but she said that her date would be her dad and mine could be Aaron. I'll admit I had a huge smile on my face at that idea.
I couldn't wait for school to be over on Friday, though it was weird to go home with Kit and not straight to Riley's like I have been doing for a few weeks. Anyway, I watched TV until it was time to get ready. I decided to go with my plaid skirt and denim jacket (with a shirt underneath, of course).

Aaron greeted me at the door and said I looked "lovely." Riley gave me a hug and we tried to pretend we were grown-ups and made small talk. Uber boring, I might add, but it was still fun.
Sean, Riley's dad, cooked steaks and Riley and I put together a salad. Soon it was time to eat.
 We talked about school for a little bit. Sean is a science teacher at the high school my sister, Elizabeth, goes to. He has a lot of funny stories to tell.

After the table was cleared, Riley and I set it up for dessert. Aaron made chocolate lava cupcakes.
I think we look pretty darn cute! Riley suggested that the next time we have a dinner party Aaron and Sean would have to go as a couple, and she and I would. I think that would be funny!

After dessert, we played some card games. Aaron tried to teach us poker, but Riley and I were hopeless. So we stuck with Uno. I won twice in a row! Aaron won the last game. I think he cheated. I hated to go home, but Riley had a dentist appointment in the morning so I couldn't spend the night. Aaron walked me home since it was pitch black outside.
"I had so much fun!" I told him as we walked.
He said he had fun, too. He even kissed me on the cheek goodnight! Is it wrong to have really enjoyed that? He's 28, but he looks so much younger, and he is so hot! I feel silly having such a crush on him, but it's really exciting, too. It's my first major crush (Andy Wharton who?).

All in all it was a really great night and totally grand to have something to actually blog about. Oh, JJ wanted me to put in a quick announcement that her new baby sister will be arriving any day. Even though she wanted another little brother, she is super excited. And Halloween is almost here!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Post About Nothing

Wow, my life has become totally boring. Once again I'm posting about nothing. Of course, it's not like I sit on a shelf all day. It's just that nothing out of the ordinary has been going on. I go to school, I come home, I go to Riley's house. One good thing is that my costume is ready! I can't wait to show it off and enter costume contests. I'm gonna brag and say that it is totally awesome!

Aaron, my math tutor, says my math has been really improving. He's tutoring Kit now, too. Poor Kit has been having a tough year. Her class is very disruptive and she has trouble concentrating. She might need more than just a math tutor. I don't think she likes Aaron quite as much as I do. He hasn't opened up to her and he can seem cold since he doesn't talk much.

Riley and I have decided to make a pact that we will not date until high school and we may extend our contract until college if high school boys are as stupid as junior high boys. Remember Andy? The cute boy in my class? Total jerk. He told Riley and I we couldn't sit with them at lunch because of our parents (he used some dirty words to name call). Riley and I were both upset and confused. We didn't feel comfortable telling our parents so we told Aaron. His advise was to gossip about Andy's parents! Of course we couldn't do that (I think he may have been teasing), but it put us in a better mood. I am so ready for Thanksgiving break.