Monday, October 31, 2011

It's That Day!

Happy Halloween! Today is the best holiday of the year! It's already pretty chaotic (though when is it not at my house?). Mother is pretty frazzled trying to get us where we need to be. Tonight she is taking all the younger kids (Kit thru Annie) to a block party in Jess' neighborhood and then trick-or-treating there. Elizabeth is going to a party with Ham. Liz is a "sexy" pirate and Ham is a ballerina. That was the scariest costume I have seen in my life! Ham in a tutu? Not pretty.

My costume has two parts: My Lyra coat with guinea pig daemon.
And my Lyra ship outfit with cat daemon. I entered this one in the AGPT costume contest.
Tonight JJ and I are going to Riley's house for a sleepover. We're going to do some trick-or-treating, too, but mostly we're going to play games, eat snacks, and watch scary movies. And I'll get to spend it with with Aaron! JJ's baby sister is due today so we're picking JJ up at school. JJ wants her middle name to be Halloween, but I don't think her parents were going for the idea. I don't know why, Halloween would be an awesome middle name! I wish I was born on a holiday.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow of our party. Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. Happy Halloween, Em! Your costume is awesome.

    I think Halloween is a great middle name! What about Hallie? That sort of sounds like Halloween.


  2. Happy Halloween! Sadly, it's not celebrated in France, but I had an awesome time dressing up last year as Miley Cyrus.
    Your costume looks cute! I like the jacket!
    I agree with Frankie that Hallie would be a cute middle name.

  3. Oooohhhh .. I agree with everyone about Hallie being a great middle name that sounds like Halloween for short.

    Love your outfit and love that it has two parts, we loved the Golden Compass, we got it on audio books and love listening to the story, should get it again at the library, it has been awhile.

    Happy Late Halloween, and you won the outfit drawing from way way back on our blog before Mama got sick and we stopped blogging, so email mama at and she will tell you how to pick out your prize. We will try to email you too incase you do not see this ..