Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Party

Well, my favorite holiday is over. Now the only thing to look forward to is Christmas :( Haha, just kidding. Christmas is the second best holiday. It's not even two months away! Crazy!

 As you know for Halloween I went over to Riley's house for a slumber party. First we had a healthy dinner of chicken, rice, and salad. Then Sean took us trick-or-treating. He drove us since all the houses are so far apart. We didn't hit very many, but enough that it was fun.
 As you can see we got a lot of candy corn!
 We also got candy bars and chewy candy. My sisters went t-or-t in town and got us enough candy to last until Christmas. A quarter of it was old people candy, though. You know, the random hard candies and weird chewies.
 Riley was a witch and JJ was a pirate. I, of course, was Lyra. Before all of that, we made Halloween cupcakes. Aaron had those and some apple cider ready when we got back. Afterwards we played a board game and watched Halloween movies. Nothing too scary because Sean said he didn't want Aaron to get scared. How cute is that?

Riley has a trundle bed so we slept in her room. I'm used to getting up early thanks to baby sisters so I was up first. Since no one was around I had a cupcake for pre-breakfast. It was very yummy.

Aaron came out of the bathroom while I was throwing away my evidence. Is it wrong to say that that made my day since he was only in a towel? I told my friends later and Riley totally agreed with me, but JJ didn't see the fuss. If he wasn't so camera shy I would share his pictures and I know you guys would agree with me. I don't think JJ had enough sugar in her.

Sean made waffles for breakfast (Riley says it's the only thing he can cook. She says they used to live on waffles, pop-tarts, and pizza. Sounds good to me!). We also had hot chocolate and Sean said we could each have a piece of candy. Then the worst part. We had to go to school.

That evening JJ sent me a picture of her and her new baby sister. Her parents did not go with the suggestions of Halloween or Hallie. Her name is Jadyn Vitani Bishop.
I think she's pretty cute. JJ said she's a big baby. Jack was really tiny when he was born. The family is doing well. I'm not sure how six people fit in their mobile home type house, but apparently they do.


  1. I love Halloween too!


    (Emma's Doll)

  2. Sounds like you had tons of fun and got some great memories to keep forever. Congrats to JJ for the new sister, she looks cute.

    Our favorite and highly celebrated in Nana's house anyway .. holiday .. is Christmas. Nana is a huge Christmas person.

    Do you do much for Thanksgiving?? We have game night and good deserts. lol


  3. Hey, Taryn!
    For Thanksgiving we always have a huge family and friends party. It'll probably be at Jess' house this year. There is always a TON of food! Us kids usually play hide-and-seek or whatever random game we make up. It's a lot of fun.

    Christmas is usually the same, but with presents!


  4. Hi Emily,

    Ugh, I hate "old people candy!" I don't even know why people give it out. I'd be happy if everyone gave out chocolate, though I suppose that would be bad for anyone who is allergic to chocolate. :/

    I do, however, love candy corn. I've been munching on that lately, too, although I didn't get to go trick-or-treating this year.

    It sounds like you had a great time celebrating Halloween! I love your costumes. I still haven't seen The Golden Compass, but from what I've heard about her, Lyra seems like a cool character.


  5. It looks like you all had a great time celebrating Halloween. I love candy corn, too. It's my favorite Halloween treat.

  6. Salut, Emily!
    Looks like the party was fun. I would have loved celebrating Halloween this year.
    I'm not one for old people candy or candy corn. Surprisingly enough, I am not a huge fan of candy. However, Ava and Liz love it. They have an obsession with Almond Joys..

  7. Hi Emily! I've missed you these past few months. I love candy corn - and all things chocolate. My dentist probably wishes I didn't love it so much. Tell JJ congrats on the new baby!

  8. Sounds like a fun party! Love the costumes! You girls look great.

    Belated happy Halloween!


  9. P.S. Congrats from us to JJ on her new sister! Too bad they didn't name her Hallie, though... ;-)