Monday, May 31, 2010

Reenactment Part 2: My Version

Jocelyn exaggerates everything. Gosh, JJ, I do not look like that. Macaroni and cheese! Here's the correct story of how we became friends.

There was this girl one grades below me. Funny looking things, mess of curls, lopsided glasses. But I thought she looked like a fun person to hang out with. So I watched her come down the hall one day to say "hello".
"Hi. I'm Emily," I said.
She looked at me like I was from another planet (so AWESOME if I was!).
Like she didn't know what a handshake was. But I pressed on. "Do you want to come over to my house after school?"
"You're in 7th grade, aren't you?" JJ said.
"You're not stuck up like all those other girls."
"Thanks, I think."
"I'll come over. Do you like Trolls?"
So which version do you believe? Gah, I have to say it: "I Want to Believe." There, it's out of my system. I just made myself look like a total freak, didn't I?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reenactment Part 1: Jocelyn's Version

Since I was stuck with Jocelyn yesterday, we decided we better clear this stupid fight up about how we became friends. To keep her from whining, I agreed to let her post her version here. Tomorrow I will post mine (the correct story).

Hey, blog-o readers, I'm Jocelyn--JJ I guess is what Em calls me here the most. So, here's the story. I was minding my own beeswax one day, just walking down the hallway to class. My hair all perfect and shiny.
When this crazy pigtailed, knee-sock wearing thing came out of nowhere and knocked me down. She wouldn't get off, gushing the whole time about something. Like, how she had been watching me for weeks and that I never noticed. Total weirdo.
She finally got off and I just sat back stunned, all ruffled and in shock. "Want to be my best friend?" she yells at me. I was so surprised I agreed and that's that.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Vote for Me!

Voting for Ninette and Kailey's photo contest is open. My picture is "No More Uniforms!", in case you want to vote for the most awesome doll in the world. JJ is in the picture as well, but just ignore her.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Still Alive!

My life is too boring, I haven't had anything to post in awhile. But last night there was a tornado warning, totally weird, didn't realize I lived in a place that got tornados. Whatever, nothing happened anyway.

Yesterday the girls and I had some fun in the backyard.
I let Jess wear my boots since, as usual, she was wearing Mary Jane's. This weekend Mother and I are going hiking with Jess and her dad. My mom and her dad are best friends, as is JJ and Jess' dads. But JJ has to go to Jack's baseball practice or something. Not that I care. Know what she brought up yesterday? How we met. And her version is such a bogus lie. I did not stalk her for weeks. And I sure as heck did not knock her down in the hallway and beg her to be my friend. Jocelyn, Jocelyn, Jocelyn, sometimes that girl drives me insane.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

No, no, no!

Okay, so Fringe was on Thursday night. Excellent season finale until Peter and Olivia kissed! NO! They have no chemistry, plus Peter belongs with me! And I swear I've read tons of articles from the TV writers or whatnot that said those two would not get together, that their relationship was more of a family one. Whack the hack went wrong then?

Know who has good chemistry? Peter and Astrid. In the scene after Peter came back to the lab and Astrid was telling him how much she missed him and had been on a baking spree because she had been so nervous. I was sure he was going to say something to her. Or have a revelation that he made a mistake in kissing Olivia. Cause if I can't have Peter (he's a fictional TV character and I'm a "doll" so the chances are good), Astrid is the next best. She reminds me of Jocelyn (whose name was almost Astrid, I might add) and JJ deserves Peter if I can't have him.

Alright the fan girl is gone. No back to your regularly scheduled program.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kit and School

First off, school is almost out! No more silly uniforms!

Second, Kit wanted me to make an announcement. She's done with her girly girl phase and wants me to post her real name. Her real name is Karson not Katherine. Little sisters, such a pain in the butt! She'll probably change her mind again. She's been learning about Kit Carson in school, so go figure why she wants to use her real name again.

Okay, I've talked about Kit and school. Now I will talk about Kit and school. Got it? Karson and Jocelyn got into it big time yesterday. Like, got called to the principal's office big. Of course I believe JJ's side over Kit's. She said Kit stole her cookie at lunchtime and she had to defend all the "cookies in the world" and fight Kit. Yeah, totally. She's not crazy at all. Nope. Not. At. All.

Anyways, they both only got warnings, I'm guessing because school is almost out. Kit had to spend the rest of the day in her room. JJ won't be getting cookies in her lunch for the rest of the week.

For obvious reasons I didn't get a picture of them fighting at school. But I did get a picture of them at Easter.Never play "Don't Wake Daddy" with Jocelyn. She wins everytime and will eat you alive. That's my girl.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


The Bishop's took Kit, Nellie, and I hiking with them this morning. After JJ and Kit stopped arguing (something along the lines of who had better fashion sense. Um, neither? I totally am the most stylish), it was a lot of fun. JJ and I found this awesome cave that was just our size. Kit tried to climb in with us, but JJ kicked her out and into a cactus. Don't mess with my JJ!But we had to climb up a mountain to get there. The cave is just out of sight to my left. Jocelyn's hair is a magnet to dirt. I imagine she'll be shaking grit out of her hair for weeks!
Nellie almost fell off the cliff. She gave up after that.
JJ's dad found us a good spot to have a picnic. Next to this odd tree that had split a rock in two to continue growing. Such a determined tree!

After stuffing myself on chicken, fruit, and (mostly) cookies, the J-ster and I found a stubby tree to climb. I'll post the close up to give the illusion that it's a big tree. But in reality it was more of a stump and ends just above our heads.
Quite frankly, that's a disturbing picture if you look and think too hard about JJ's position. ANYWAY! School tomorrow, get to put up with Jess bragging about her turtle cheesecake again.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sleepover at Jocelyn's!

We had an absolute blast! Stayed up way later than we should of and practically got drunk on Coca-Cola.

The Bishop's (yes, she is Jocelyn Miles Bishop, am totally jealous) life style is so different from my own. JJ's room is always a total mess and no one cares if you yell as loud as you can.

We played Trolls for awhile, but JJ had more fun throwing them off her bunk bed than actually playing.
After everyone was asleep, we snuck downstairs and made popcorn and drank, like, a six pack of pop. Now I know why my sisters felt ill. In the morning (or afternoon or whenever we got up), JJ's dad made cinnamon rolls. Jess called while we were eating and bragged about the huge salad (oh wow) she had for dinner. But then she got us drooling when she described the turtle cheesecake they brought home, which she so nicely informed us was had been licked clean.

It's to bed in my own room tonight. Sometimes that is as much fun as sleeping at your friend's house.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Yay for Friday!

I get to sleep over at Jocelyn's tonight! YES! The babies are sick (too much Pepsi :wink:) and Nellie has a doctor appointment in the morning, so Mother said it would be too much of a hassle to have JJ over and I should just go stay with her. I was like "I guess I could, Mother. But it's so boring over there." Ha! Party all night! JJ's parents don't care if we go to sleep or not, just as long as we don't keep Jack (her brother) up too late. Jess won't be there, though. It's her dad's birthday; she has to go out for dinner. But don't feel bad for her, 'cause she gets to go to an uber expensive restaurant and get dessert.

After school, the J-ster and I played outside, it finally being nice (almost 70!). Someone really ought to do some weeding. If the weather remains cooperative, we're going to go hiking tomorrow or Sunday.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture of My Sisters

I haven't posted a picture of my sisters yet, so here you go:
It's a pretty bad picture, we all look like dweebs. But it's better than pictures of us in our Easter clothes. I looked like such a moron. Anyway, from left to right on the top row: Elizabeth, Kit, ME, and Nellie. Bottom row: Morgan, Annie, and Gillian. I'm in my new AGPC sweatshirt, I look beyond awesome in it. If I look different it's because I gave myself side bangs and pulled them into my ponytail. I have just the coolest hair. Ha, whatever.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Monday's suck. It's so hard to get back into routine. Though I'm not really a weekend person because I do like to know what is going on and not have things happen at the spur of the moment. The way I see it, Thursday is the best day of the week. Monday is the beginning of the work week, everyone's tired and not really in a good mood. Tuesday is the day you realize you still have a whole week before the weekend. Wednesday (besides being a pritch to spell) is right in the middle, the weekend is still days away but it's not the start of the week, so you don't really feel like starting a new project. Then there is my Thursday; the weekend is in sight, so everyone is in a good mood; in a good mood you feel like getting stuff done. Friday is the party day, too loud and overrated IMO (though I do like having sleepovers). Saturday is the fun cousin, but it always so crammed it's not all that fun. Sunday is the end of the weekend, enough said.

Okay, that was a lot longer than I meant it. Oh, well, I've put way too much thought into that not to torment someone else with my opinion. Yeah, right.

Elizabeth, Gillian, and I had our piano lessons today. I am so much better than they are even though Liz has been taking longer. She never practices. All she wants to do is talk to Cole. Apparently they did not break up. Shucks.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sleepover Part 2

Last night after playing Pound Puppies and with are stuffed animals, we played cards. Then we got a little (lot) silly.
Jess is more reserved than JJ and I, so she just watched. The second one is a good picture of my new pajamas. The pants are fuzzy, yet silky. JJ said--well I don't know if I should repeat this or not, but I will. After feeling how soft they were: "I wish I could get into your pants," she said. Of course she didn't mean it like that, but it had us (well, mainly me) howling for hours.

Jess didn't say no to crashing with us after we got tired. This morning Jess had the nerve to ask me if I had a hairbrush she could use. Does it look like I own a hairbrush?

My sisters are all back, so the party is totally over now. Elizabeth went straight to her room. I wonder if that means something happened with her beloved Cole. After she made fun of my crush on a boy in my class, I hope so.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sleepover Part 1

Every Friday night, Jocelyn and Jess come over for a sleepover and stay until Saturday afternoon. Usually it's at my house, but sometimes we trade off. My sisters all scatter off, so Mother doesn't have a huge crowd to mind. Elizabeth sleeps at her friends house, the babies visit Grandma. Kit does whatever Kit does.

Mother let us have hamburgers for dinner. Here I am yelling at JJ to stop hogging the M&M's. Jess is in our school uniform. Her mom is a teacher at our school and she had to work late, so Jess was stuck there until her dad picked her up and dropped her off at my house. Her dad is a doctor. He is so awesome! When we stay at Jess' house, he lets us eat ice cream for dinner and watch PG-13 movies.

After dinner we played Pound Puppies.

And this is why we have these sleepovers instead of going to the "cool" kids parties:

I call Jocelyn's style "the '90's on steroids".

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Find the Crack"

Awesome episode of Fringe tonight. Totally dug The X-Files reference. Actually the whole episode had an X-Files vibe to it, right down to one of the victim's sister having red hair and a Scully-ish hair cut.

My favorite part is always Walter's food obsession. Tonight it was pudding pops. So cute! I love the interactions between him and Astrid. Walter is just adorable. But, of course, no one is cuter than Peter. Joshua Jackson is my total celeb crush. It's a good thing I can't drive or I would totally stalk him. And Jocelyn knows I can be a very good stalker.

Peter talking to the car's GPS thing was hilarious. Shame it couldn't tell him how to get to Mars. He should have asked if it could give him direction to the Alternate Universe. Going to be wicked awesome next week when the group all travels to the other side. Wonder if I have an alternate self? That would be cool to meet.

It's Weathering Again!

Anyone else getting crazy weather these past few weeks? It was snowing this morning. It's MAY! Gah! Did so not want to go to school! Or get up for that matter. Mother made me new pajamas, the pants are so freakin' soft. I'll post pictures tomorrow when my buds come over for another sleep over.

Jess and Jocelyn sleep over every Friday night (they slept over the other night because of meetings or something equally boring). Jess' parents always go out for dinner and do gross things. Jocelyn's parents supposedly clean house or get groceries. But I think it depends on whether they can get rid of their other two kids or not.

JJ is so lucky! She has an older sister (not lucky) and a LITTLE BROTHER! Pritch it! I am so jealous. He's 5 with cutest mop top and dimples. Want one! JJ says little brothers are overrated but she raves about him and they are very close so I think she just says that for my benefit.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Sisters

I have six sisters (try saying that six times fast, heck, try saying it fast once!) Elizabeth is fifteen and a total drama queen. All she cares about it boys and her hair. Every once in awhile she gets this odd desire to put on colonial dresses and pretend she is friends with some girl named Felicity. Liz has a boyfriend, Cole, who's her BFF's brother. Awkward!

Then there is Katherine whom we call Kit. We used to fight a lot more than we do now, but we still drive each other crazy, mostly because Kit hates Jocelyn so much. She likes baseball and sharks (the carnivorous fish, not car salesmen. At least that's what I assume...)

Next is 8-year-old Elinor, better known as Nellie. She's the pretty blue-eyed blond in the family, but that's a complete disguise. She's "quite" (extremely) weird. No one is completely sure what is wrong with her, we just know something is. Her favorite color is red; she always wears red, always wears the same red boots. She likes skunks, sloths, beans, BBQ, Austin Powers, and Die Hard. Keep in mind she is eight.

Are we weird yet? Haha

Gillian is 7 and very quiet. She only likes to talk to Mother. Sometimes she talks to Liz or Morgan. She likes Westies and has a penchant for dressing in 1930's clothes.

Then there are the two babies in the family: 6-year-old Morgan and 5-year-old Annie. They're both whiny, annoying attention hogs.

Me? I'm the second oldest, which makes me the bestest (it's a word now, it's on the Internet. So is funner. Roll with it). I REALLY wish I had a brother, but my friends keep me sane.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chacoan Peccary

How cute is this animal? I want one! They're pretty rare, only about 3,000 exist in the world. But, darn it, they're adorable!

Wind, wind, WIND! And a Sleepover

It was windy all last week, and I'm talking 40mph winds 24/7. After one day of calm, it's back again! I don't dare go outside for fear of blowing across the state.

My chums and I had a sleepover last night. Not that we slept (not like we would have anyway) because of the wind. The noise scared Jess but JJ thought it was awesome and got me psyched saying the aliens were coming to get us. I was, like, "YES! Finally get away from all these crazies!" Then I had to explain that, no, I didn't mean JJ or Jess (yeah...) but my sisters. JJ totally understood then. See, she and my younger sister, Kit, hate each others guts. Like see-each-other-hit-each-other hate.

Anywhose. This is me being a total brainiac and taking a close up shot of myself with the flash on.

And this is the shot Jocelyn took of me afterwards.

Good times.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My New Blog

This is me, Emily. I'm 12 years old and totally awesome and tech savy, note my computer.

Yeah, right.

I have two best friends:
Jocelyn (one on the right), she's 11. I usually call her JJ. How we met is a story for another day, or week.

And the other is Monkey Girl, um, I mean Jess. She's 9. She's BFF with Jocelyn and is now my friend as well.

This is my bedroom, awesome is all respects. JJ hates it because there's pink.

As you can tell from my posters, I love The X-Files and Fringe. How does someone my age know what The X-Files is, you ask? Try living at my house for five seconds and you will know. My mother has an "I Want to Believe" poster just like mine and I spent my childhood starring at it. Loving Fringe was then a given.

I think I covered all the minor basics. This was quite fun, who knew following a trend could be? 'Cause in case you noticed, I am wearing cowboy boots with capris. I told you I was awesome.