Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wind, wind, WIND! And a Sleepover

It was windy all last week, and I'm talking 40mph winds 24/7. After one day of calm, it's back again! I don't dare go outside for fear of blowing across the state.

My chums and I had a sleepover last night. Not that we slept (not like we would have anyway) because of the wind. The noise scared Jess but JJ thought it was awesome and got me psyched saying the aliens were coming to get us. I was, like, "YES! Finally get away from all these crazies!" Then I had to explain that, no, I didn't mean JJ or Jess (yeah...) but my sisters. JJ totally understood then. See, she and my younger sister, Kit, hate each others guts. Like see-each-other-hit-each-other hate.

Anywhose. This is me being a total brainiac and taking a close up shot of myself with the flash on.

And this is the shot Jocelyn took of me afterwards.

Good times.

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