Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sleepover at Jocelyn's!

We had an absolute blast! Stayed up way later than we should of and practically got drunk on Coca-Cola.

The Bishop's (yes, she is Jocelyn Miles Bishop, am totally jealous) life style is so different from my own. JJ's room is always a total mess and no one cares if you yell as loud as you can.

We played Trolls for awhile, but JJ had more fun throwing them off her bunk bed than actually playing.
After everyone was asleep, we snuck downstairs and made popcorn and drank, like, a six pack of pop. Now I know why my sisters felt ill. In the morning (or afternoon or whenever we got up), JJ's dad made cinnamon rolls. Jess called while we were eating and bragged about the huge salad (oh wow) she had for dinner. But then she got us drooling when she described the turtle cheesecake they brought home, which she so nicely informed us was had been licked clean.

It's to bed in my own room tonight. Sometimes that is as much fun as sleeping at your friend's house.

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