Friday, May 7, 2010

Sleepover Part 1

Every Friday night, Jocelyn and Jess come over for a sleepover and stay until Saturday afternoon. Usually it's at my house, but sometimes we trade off. My sisters all scatter off, so Mother doesn't have a huge crowd to mind. Elizabeth sleeps at her friends house, the babies visit Grandma. Kit does whatever Kit does.

Mother let us have hamburgers for dinner. Here I am yelling at JJ to stop hogging the M&M's. Jess is in our school uniform. Her mom is a teacher at our school and she had to work late, so Jess was stuck there until her dad picked her up and dropped her off at my house. Her dad is a doctor. He is so awesome! When we stay at Jess' house, he lets us eat ice cream for dinner and watch PG-13 movies.

After dinner we played Pound Puppies.

And this is why we have these sleepovers instead of going to the "cool" kids parties:

I call Jocelyn's style "the '90's on steroids".

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