Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Find the Crack"

Awesome episode of Fringe tonight. Totally dug The X-Files reference. Actually the whole episode had an X-Files vibe to it, right down to one of the victim's sister having red hair and a Scully-ish hair cut.

My favorite part is always Walter's food obsession. Tonight it was pudding pops. So cute! I love the interactions between him and Astrid. Walter is just adorable. But, of course, no one is cuter than Peter. Joshua Jackson is my total celeb crush. It's a good thing I can't drive or I would totally stalk him. And Jocelyn knows I can be a very good stalker.

Peter talking to the car's GPS thing was hilarious. Shame it couldn't tell him how to get to Mars. He should have asked if it could give him direction to the Alternate Universe. Going to be wicked awesome next week when the group all travels to the other side. Wonder if I have an alternate self? That would be cool to meet.

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