Sunday, May 16, 2010


The Bishop's took Kit, Nellie, and I hiking with them this morning. After JJ and Kit stopped arguing (something along the lines of who had better fashion sense. Um, neither? I totally am the most stylish), it was a lot of fun. JJ and I found this awesome cave that was just our size. Kit tried to climb in with us, but JJ kicked her out and into a cactus. Don't mess with my JJ!But we had to climb up a mountain to get there. The cave is just out of sight to my left. Jocelyn's hair is a magnet to dirt. I imagine she'll be shaking grit out of her hair for weeks!
Nellie almost fell off the cliff. She gave up after that.
JJ's dad found us a good spot to have a picnic. Next to this odd tree that had split a rock in two to continue growing. Such a determined tree!

After stuffing myself on chicken, fruit, and (mostly) cookies, the J-ster and I found a stubby tree to climb. I'll post the close up to give the illusion that it's a big tree. But in reality it was more of a stump and ends just above our heads.
Quite frankly, that's a disturbing picture if you look and think too hard about JJ's position. ANYWAY! School tomorrow, get to put up with Jess bragging about her turtle cheesecake again.

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