Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture of My Sisters

I haven't posted a picture of my sisters yet, so here you go:
It's a pretty bad picture, we all look like dweebs. But it's better than pictures of us in our Easter clothes. I looked like such a moron. Anyway, from left to right on the top row: Elizabeth, Kit, ME, and Nellie. Bottom row: Morgan, Annie, and Gillian. I'm in my new AGPC sweatshirt, I look beyond awesome in it. If I look different it's because I gave myself side bangs and pulled them into my ponytail. I have just the coolest hair. Ha, whatever.


  1. Hey Beyond Awesome,

    Yep, you look great in that pic, and so do your sisters (no dweebs, seriously!). So, what happened to Morgan and Annie's dresses? Was there a scissors incident? Did they chop up two dresses and patch them back together? Well, they look fab anyway, and our roommate Julie wants to know if she can borrow one of them. Love the colors.

    Your friends,

    Lucie et Juliette

  2. To Lucie and Juliette:

    The only scissor incident was Mother getting a "creative" brainstorm, I'm not sure what she was on that day. Send me a pizza and you can totally borrow the dresses.

    Beyond Awesome

    p.s. Don't say my sister's look nice! They are horrors, I tell you! Horrors!

  3. Dear Beyond Awesome,

    I have Domino's on the other line. The anchovy and pepper pizza combo comes with free sodas. Lucie says she wants to see your sisters on caffeine so she's ordering Pepsi. I'll send over a pepperoni supreme for you. The pizza delivery guy will pick up the dresses...

    Juliette (the reasonable one)

  4. Reasonable One,

    Caffeine and my sisters? Can I move in with you guys? Looking forward to the pizza, I'm sure the pizza guy will be delighted to pick up yellow and orange dresses. Maybe I should give him a good tip?

    Beyond Awesome