Monday, May 10, 2010


Monday's suck. It's so hard to get back into routine. Though I'm not really a weekend person because I do like to know what is going on and not have things happen at the spur of the moment. The way I see it, Thursday is the best day of the week. Monday is the beginning of the work week, everyone's tired and not really in a good mood. Tuesday is the day you realize you still have a whole week before the weekend. Wednesday (besides being a pritch to spell) is right in the middle, the weekend is still days away but it's not the start of the week, so you don't really feel like starting a new project. Then there is my Thursday; the weekend is in sight, so everyone is in a good mood; in a good mood you feel like getting stuff done. Friday is the party day, too loud and overrated IMO (though I do like having sleepovers). Saturday is the fun cousin, but it always so crammed it's not all that fun. Sunday is the end of the weekend, enough said.

Okay, that was a lot longer than I meant it. Oh, well, I've put way too much thought into that not to torment someone else with my opinion. Yeah, right.

Elizabeth, Gillian, and I had our piano lessons today. I am so much better than they are even though Liz has been taking longer. She never practices. All she wants to do is talk to Cole. Apparently they did not break up. Shucks.

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