Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Sisters

I have six sisters (try saying that six times fast, heck, try saying it fast once!) Elizabeth is fifteen and a total drama queen. All she cares about it boys and her hair. Every once in awhile she gets this odd desire to put on colonial dresses and pretend she is friends with some girl named Felicity. Liz has a boyfriend, Cole, who's her BFF's brother. Awkward!

Then there is Katherine whom we call Kit. We used to fight a lot more than we do now, but we still drive each other crazy, mostly because Kit hates Jocelyn so much. She likes baseball and sharks (the carnivorous fish, not car salesmen. At least that's what I assume...)

Next is 8-year-old Elinor, better known as Nellie. She's the pretty blue-eyed blond in the family, but that's a complete disguise. She's "quite" (extremely) weird. No one is completely sure what is wrong with her, we just know something is. Her favorite color is red; she always wears red, always wears the same red boots. She likes skunks, sloths, beans, BBQ, Austin Powers, and Die Hard. Keep in mind she is eight.

Are we weird yet? Haha

Gillian is 7 and very quiet. She only likes to talk to Mother. Sometimes she talks to Liz or Morgan. She likes Westies and has a penchant for dressing in 1930's clothes.

Then there are the two babies in the family: 6-year-old Morgan and 5-year-old Annie. They're both whiny, annoying attention hogs.

Me? I'm the second oldest, which makes me the bestest (it's a word now, it's on the Internet. So is funner. Roll with it). I REALLY wish I had a brother, but my friends keep me sane.

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