Monday, May 3, 2010

My New Blog

This is me, Emily. I'm 12 years old and totally awesome and tech savy, note my computer.

Yeah, right.

I have two best friends:
Jocelyn (one on the right), she's 11. I usually call her JJ. How we met is a story for another day, or week.

And the other is Monkey Girl, um, I mean Jess. She's 9. She's BFF with Jocelyn and is now my friend as well.

This is my bedroom, awesome is all respects. JJ hates it because there's pink.

As you can tell from my posters, I love The X-Files and Fringe. How does someone my age know what The X-Files is, you ask? Try living at my house for five seconds and you will know. My mother has an "I Want to Believe" poster just like mine and I spent my childhood starring at it. Loving Fringe was then a given.

I think I covered all the minor basics. This was quite fun, who knew following a trend could be? 'Cause in case you noticed, I am wearing cowboy boots with capris. I told you I was awesome.

1 comment:

  1. We love your blog, Emily, and really love the name too. You have the coolest room ever! We like X-Files too, but really like your style. Cowboy boots with capris are très chic et élégant!!

    Your friends,

    Lucie, Juliette et Claudette