Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Weathering Again!

Anyone else getting crazy weather these past few weeks? It was snowing this morning. It's MAY! Gah! Did so not want to go to school! Or get up for that matter. Mother made me new pajamas, the pants are so freakin' soft. I'll post pictures tomorrow when my buds come over for another sleep over.

Jess and Jocelyn sleep over every Friday night (they slept over the other night because of meetings or something equally boring). Jess' parents always go out for dinner and do gross things. Jocelyn's parents supposedly clean house or get groceries. But I think it depends on whether they can get rid of their other two kids or not.

JJ is so lucky! She has an older sister (not lucky) and a LITTLE BROTHER! Pritch it! I am so jealous. He's 5 with cutest mop top and dimples. Want one! JJ says little brothers are overrated but she raves about him and they are very close so I think she just says that for my benefit.

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