Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Post About Nothing

Wow, my life has become totally boring. Once again I'm posting about nothing. Of course, it's not like I sit on a shelf all day. It's just that nothing out of the ordinary has been going on. I go to school, I come home, I go to Riley's house. One good thing is that my costume is ready! I can't wait to show it off and enter costume contests. I'm gonna brag and say that it is totally awesome!

Aaron, my math tutor, says my math has been really improving. He's tutoring Kit now, too. Poor Kit has been having a tough year. Her class is very disruptive and she has trouble concentrating. She might need more than just a math tutor. I don't think she likes Aaron quite as much as I do. He hasn't opened up to her and he can seem cold since he doesn't talk much.

Riley and I have decided to make a pact that we will not date until high school and we may extend our contract until college if high school boys are as stupid as junior high boys. Remember Andy? The cute boy in my class? Total jerk. He told Riley and I we couldn't sit with them at lunch because of our parents (he used some dirty words to name call). Riley and I were both upset and confused. We didn't feel comfortable telling our parents so we told Aaron. His advise was to gossip about Andy's parents! Of course we couldn't do that (I think he may have been teasing), but it put us in a better mood. I am so ready for Thanksgiving break.


  1. We sure understand about life being boring. Especially after taking the cruise and then coming home to 'school' .. yucko!!

    We have much to post about, but Mama has been sick and our internet was out for days and it has just been crazy.

    Cannot wait to see your halloween costume, we loved the golden compass.


  2. Nothing much has been going on here, either. Just school...a lot of school...and a lot of homework.
    On the topic of Andy, I know PLENTY of guys like that, and it is extremely irritating. I don't understand how guys like that eventually get girlfriends.
    I'm ready for a break, too.

  3. Can we take some of the boring-ness, please? ;-)

    We haven't been blogging much lately either because life is so crazy, thanks to vacations and then our new arrival. She's taking up quite a bit of time. We're just now getting back into commenting, and we need to catch up on our own posting.

    Sorry Andy is so mean! You deserve better!


  4. Well, I have not much to blog about either, except that my human got all cranky because I didn't let her have my candy, but hey! It's MY candy!

    *groans* Yes! Guys can get to be SO irritating! Their brains are the size of a pea. I seriously don't get them. The good part is that you handled things the right way. Good job, Emily!


  5. Thanks you guys! Riley and I try to avoid Andy now. I can't believe we thought he was cute! I'm guessing boys get better or else we all wouldn't exist (at least that's the rumor, that it takes two people).