Friday, August 26, 2011

New Friend + School

I started school on Wednesday, and it went well thanks to having met a new friend the week before. Her name is Riley Henderson and she is my math tutor's roommate's daughter (yes, I know, awkward title). I didn't know Sean had a daughter since I, obviously, hadn't seen her before. Turns out she spends the summers at camp and then at her grandparent's house in northern Montana. She had just gotten back a few days before I met her. It was a bit weird at first, being as it was a complete surprise, but she had a Westie! Anyone who has a terrier is automatically a great person. You have to be to put up with the little beasties! Her Westie's name is Colin and she is very soft and scruffy. I told her about Coco, Coconut, and Knut and we spent the next fifteen minutes talking about the silly things our dogs do. But then Aaron said we needed to get a little bit of math done.

Luckily Aaron was very understanding and kept are session quick. Riley and I played board games and talked the rest of the afternoon. Best news was that she is going to be in my class! She used to go to the closer public school, but her dad wants her to get some religious schooling as well. It's going to be wonderful having a friend in my class! We made a promise to meet in front of the school on our first day.

I didn't want to leave, but Mother wanted me home for dinner.

On Wednesday, Mother drove Kit and I to our school. Riley was already waiting. I gave her a big hug and we searched for our classroom together and founds seats next to each other. I didn't feel nervous at all. Which was a good thing because our teacher isn't the friendliest. Though maybe she was just nervous.

Riley and I have plans to make cookies this weekend and have a sleepover. We're already planning a big sleepover with JJ for Labor Day weekend. JJ and Riley can't wait to meet each other. So far this school year if off to a great start!


  1. So exciting to make new friends! That's great!

    It seems like math is paying off in all sorts of ways.

    Riley sounds really nice. (And she has very pretty eyes.) Glad you had fun together! :-)


  2. Hi Emily,

    Riley sounds nice, and she is so pretty! I love her hair. How great that you have a new friend so early in the school year. :)


  3. Salut, Emily!
    I'm happy that you made a new friend. She looks just like my best friend Aurélie, whom I am really starting to miss more.

  4. ooohhh wonderful that you met her before school and will be in the same class .. that is the best thing going into a new school to have a real friend with you .. makes all the differences ..

    Riley sounds like a great friend to have and we are so happy for you that you found her .. have a blast this school year and keep us posted ..


  5. Thanks, everyone! I told Riley that you guys thought her hair and eyes were pretty. She said to tell you "thank you". I think she was a bit embarrassed that I posted her picture. I'm actually looking forward to school on Monday. How crazy is that?


  6. Riley seems like a nice girl. I'm glad you get to go to school with a new friend!


  7. Hi Emily! I like your blog! =) Glad you made a new friend. Riley seems really nice and she's very pretty, too!