Sunday, July 18, 2010


Mother said I need to clean my room today before it looks like a UFO crashed in my bedroom. I don't think it's too messy, but Mother rules. Luckily the J's were over to help. Jess and her dad stopped by before they left for their trip to Hawaii. She is so lucky! Her dad had to get a few last minute things, Mother went with him and told me I was in charge and if I got my room cleaned and babysat Gillian, she would pay me. So it was off to work.

See? Not too terribly messy.
I started putting away clothes. Jess made the bed. Jocelyn played with my Lego horses, Gillian put away my school supplies. Jess got a new outfit for her trip. She's going to be gone a whole week.
We finished in no time! Which meant we had time to go on the internet and make sure the '90's hadn't come back.Sometimes JJ's wardrobe scares me and I was just a baby in the '90's. But I guess she can pull it off, being as cute as she is. That's my JJ!


  1. Ugh, having to clean your room? Not fun! I'm glad your friends came over to help.

    Jess is so lucky to get to go to Hawaii! I'd love to go someday. I hope she has a great time.


  2. Isn't cleaning the worst?'s such a waste of time...time you could be using to have fun.
    I am very jealous of Jess. She should take me with her, lol.

  3. I think the room looked fine the way it was! Who wants to waste time cleaning when you could be out climbing hills or swimming?

    Jess is lucky - does she need someone to come along to carry her luggage? I'm available.

    Your friend,