Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where's JJ?

Here is total proof that it is too hot and nothing happens. I found a picture from the 4th of JJ that I forgot about. And since I haven't had anything else to post in awhile, here it is:
Yup, summer has officially become too long. On the plus side, Jess is back from Hawaii. Negative side, she didn't bring me anything. Oh, well, I didn't ask for anything anyway. Her dad got sunburned pretty bad. He has the most hilarious burn pattern. Goes great with his red hair.

The J's and I are planning a huge slumber party before school starts again. We decided it will be at my house. The best part? Mother and Jess' dad are going out so there will be NO parental supervision! Yee Ha! However Elizabeth will be there, BUT Samantha is also coming over and as soon as they pop in one of those Twilight movies we will never see them. So it will be Jess, Jocelyn, Kit, Nellie, Gillian and myself for the night. Anyone have any suggestions on what we should do? The girls want to watch a movie, but it has to be Disney because of Jess and my younger sisters. We've never had this big of a sleepover before. I can't wait!


  1. Hmm, what about:

    Beauty and the Beast
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    The Parent Trap
    The Princess Diaries
    Princess of Thieves (one of my favorites - sadly I don't own it)
    Model Behavior
    First Kid (partially filmed in my current city actually)
    The Princess and the Frog

    ...just some of my favorites! Normally, I don't watch too many Disney flicks - even when I was a little girl I didn't - but I do love these.

    Have fun!


  2. Sophie,

    Beauty and the Beast or The Princess and the Frog might go over well with the other girls. Though I've seen "Frog" dozens of times, it being my youngest sisters fav movie. I don't watch too many (or any) Disney movies myself either, not enough gore, violence or aliens.


  3. We love to play games at our parties .. and it is not disney .. but we love the iceage movies .. for disney our favorites are Pete's Dragon and the old Blackbeards Ghost .. which is funny not scary ..

    hope you all have tons of fun ..