Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slumber Party!

The party is over, the only thing I want to do right now is go to sleep. I'm about to hit sugar crash mode. Only Nellie and Kit are still overly wired. Gillian has already fallen asleep. Now that you know how it ends, I'll start at the beginning.

Jocelyn arrived first with more candy than is necessary at Halloween! Peanut Butter cups, M&M's, gummies, chocolate bars, rock candy, suckers. . . You get the idea. I think her parents robbed a candy store! Anyways, we made ourselves in charge of putting it into bowls. And eating it! Jess showed up 15 minutes later with her dad. Mother made us promise not to burn the house down or leave the house.
"But if the house burn down, can we leave then?" I asked.
Mother gave me her look usual look, the one reserved for me that says "Why?" is the most desperate way. I know I'm her favorite. She and Casey left and the party began.

Liz and Samantha brought all the food down to the basement and made themselves in charge of getting drinks. For the best since some of us are kinda, sorta, really clumsy. There was regular pizza, pizza rolls, and Nellie's pizza/taco creations which are more disgusting than good but edible. For dessert there was candy (of course), ice cream cones, cookies, and brownies. Jess' dad makes the best brownies in the world. They have peanut butter in them.

After all the food, watching a movie sounded like the best idea. But all the food made us sleepy!
We had to do something fast. Samantha and Liz got out the pillows and crashed the party.
It was insane! Stuffed animals, pillows, monkeys flying through the air. Gillian tripped and knocked Jocelyn down, who in turn bumped into me.
Samantha refused to quit and kept bonking Kit on the head. Gillian started yelling for everyone to settle down before we got hurt. Since Gillian is usually so quiet, we all heeded her at once.

We thusly resumed our movie and ate some more. At about midnight, everyone started to fall asleep. I snuck out and snapped this picture of JJ:
How she can breathe is a miracle to me. Not to mention she forgot to take her glasses off. I know she goes through more pairs that way.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of our PJ Fashion Show.

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  1. These pictures look familiar to me- this is exactly how sleepovers here are, too. The craziness is fun, but most definitely gets old. I'm usually the first to crash out, which involves some silly, half-schemed prank...
    LOL...your comment on my blog made me laugh- Chrissa was actually wearing undies, but I'm sure I could name same Americans who don't. Particularly the crazy Nellie.