Thursday, August 12, 2010

Slumber Party Fashion Show

None of my sisters or friends are real fashion divas or models, though Sam thinks she is just the most stylish thing that ever walked the earth. But anyway, here are the pictures from our PJ Fashion Show.

Jessica "Jess"

Jocelyn "JJ"

Karson "Kit"


Elinor "Nellie"

Samantha "Sam"


Mother and Casey got a kick out of out pictures, saying we all look so much more huggable and sweet than we normally do. Good thing they weren't at out party!


  1. Aww, that looks like fun. Taking pictures at a sleepover is the best!
    You girls have some cute PJs. I still have yet to get a pair of PJs that I really LOVE.


  2. Great pictures, Emily! I love all the pajamas. Only a few of us have pajamas and the rest sleep in tees. Unfair!! LOL!

    Love the pics!