Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Cookies

How was everyone's Easter? Mine was crazy as all holidays are. After church my family, JJ's family, and Mac went over to Jess' house to make cookies and meet Jess' second cousin Felicity Fitzgerald.

First off we made cookies.
Since Mac is the most responsible we let her mix the dough.
I patiently waited for a taste of cookie dough, which everyone knows is the best part of making cookies.
Felicity couldn't wait until the dough was mixed and snuck some chocolate chips when she thought no one was looking. Felicity's dad and Jess' dad are cousins. Her family is visiting, though I can't quite remember where they live.
Mac granted Kit the first taste of dough. Then we had to wait FOREVER (okay, ten minutes) before the cookies were done.
Narrowly missing being attacked by cookies loving cousins (and sisters), Kit bravely brought the finished cookies to the table. But somehow one tray was missing. How does a tray of cookies vanish? Everyone started looking around and blaming each other. We set off in search of the Sullivan's dog, but he was still in the yard and had not taken any cookies. It was quite a mystery until we heard a big burp and found JJ sacked out with the missing tray.
She quickly gave up the remaining cookies and vowed to not eat another one today... At least not during that hour of that day.
Everything settled down and I snagged my own cookie.


  1. Looks like fun... and the cookies look delicious! Wish we could share them! ;-)

    The Green Girls

  2. Silly JJ! I'm glad she left some for the rest of you girls. Cookies are hard to resist, though. No wonder she had trouble *not* eating them! ;)

    I'm like you - I love my cookie dough. Most of the girls around here do, which explains why we don't make cookies around here. There would be too many fights over cookie dough, if we did.


  3. Those cookies look delicious. I love them when they are right out of the oven.
    I'm not one for cookie dough, though many of the girls here are the exact opposite. I'm assuming I have an aversion to it because it made me sick when I was little. I guess I don't like raw foods in general. A few girls think I'm insane for hating sushi!