Thursday, April 21, 2011


When you have a bunch of little sisters it is easy to know when a holiday is coming! Annie and Morgan have been off-the-walls excited since yesterday. Hopefully I will survive a few more days! We spent yesterday deciding what color eggs we each wanted to hunt. Since Elizabeth decided she is too old this year, it was much easier since there is only 6 colors in a package.
ME = purple
Kit = orange
Nellie = pink
Gillian = blue
Morgan = yellow
Annie = green

All of us got our favorite color except Nellie who likes red, and Annie who likes polka dots (yes, that is a color in our house). Our baskets are our favorite colors as well. Mother says it makes life easier to assign each of us a color.

We're going to dye eggs on Saturday and do some baking. JJ, Jess, and Ella are coming over to help make cookies.

I can hear Morgan and Annie screaming and running down the hall again. I better go help Mother distract them with something shiny. Oh, my lunch with Andy went good! We talked about our pets. He has a heeler named... Doggett! He likes The X-Files! How did I not know that before? He says he doesn't mention it since everyone our age is too young to have watched it on TV. He says we have to plan on a marathon sometime.


  1. Sounds like you guys are going to have a lot of fun on easter .. it is always more fun to celebrate a holiday with little kids around they just seem to make things a little more active and happy .. i find laughter to be a big help in daily life ..

    Have fun with your sisters and Happy Easter from the Bolton Girls ..

  2. Have a great Easter! Polka dots should be a color. :)

  3. Ooh...sounds like fun! Especially the baking part...if it's cake, I'm jealous. ;)
    I'm glad your lunch with Andy went well. It sounds like you guys have a lot in common. Who knows? Maybe it will amount to something?

  4. I love to dye Easter eggs. We are making camouflage eggs this year! We have a decorating kit that you can make them with. I'm so eggs-cited (okay, bad pun)!