Tuesday, February 1, 2011

20 Questions

Last Friday JJ, Kit, Mac, and myself had a sleepover (wasn't very dramatic, so I didn't post pictures). The one highlight was playing 20 questions. I'll just post some of our answers or else this would be a very wordy post!

  • What celebrity would you like to marry? Joshua Jackson (who wouldn't?)
  • What TV show would you like to be on? The X-Files (it's a shame it's not on anymore, though)
  • If you had boy/girl twins, what would you name them? Fox and Elle (kudos if you know where Elle came from. I'm sure everyone knows why I love Fox!)
  • If you had to live on an island with 1 person, who would you choose? Kit, she doesn't talk as much as JJ!
  • What celebrity would you like to marry? Matthew Gray Gubler, our kids would have awesome hair! (Love the way she thinks, hehe)
  • What is your dream pet? Name? a dragon named Arthur
  • Who would you like your first kiss to be? Bradley James (plays Arthur on Merlin)
  • Where is your dream vacation? England so I can see dragons
  • What is your favorite thing to eat? French fries
  • What celebrity would you like to marry? Johnny Depp or Bear Grylls or Mike Rowe (she ended up choosing Mike Rowe)
  • What is your dream pet? Name? a moose named Bob or Gary
  • If you had boy/girl twins what would you name them? Bear and Zula
  • Who is your role model? My dad Jack
  • What celebrity would you like to marry? Skeet Ulrich
  • What TV show would you like to be on? any Law & Order (she is so cheesed that Skeet Ulrich isn't going to be on L&O: LA)
  • What is your dream job? professional barrel racer
  • What is your dream pet? Border Collie named Mesquite "Skeet" (she does love her Golden Retriever, Rex, though)
  • Who is your role model? my oldest brother Chase
Anyone else recently played 20 questions? We had fun getting to know Mac better. I especially love how she is as obsessed with TV as I am! Feel free to answer any of the questions yourselves in the comments.


  1. Hmm, Skeet is pretty good looking! Mac has good taste. I think I'll go with JJ's answer, though. I would LOVE to marry Johnny Depp - along with a lot of other girls, LOL! Too bad he's already married to Vanessa Paradis...

    My favorite dreamy actor, though, is Guillaume Canet. He's a French movie actor who has acted with several of my favorite actresses - Audrey Tautou, Diane Kruger, and Marion Cotillard! Of course, he's currently in a relationship with Marion after divorcing Diane, so, um, I guess I can't have him either...


  2. Sophie,
    I know, the good guys are always taken:(
    Your favorite dreamy actor is very pleasing on the eyes! I can see why you enjoy watching his movies.


  3. Oh, I love this idea; I may have to play this later.
    Yes...I know what you girls mean. It seems like every good guy is taken. Me, I love Jérémy Kapone; I think he is so cute. :)

  4. It sounds like you all had a great time at your sleepover. It's nice that you all got to know each other a little better.