Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School Pictures

It's time to show off my beautiful, gorgeous school picture. Or the one where I look like a goon.
Actually I don't think it turned out too bad for a school picture. But not as cute as Jess'. I didn't realize how little I've mentioned my buddies lately. So here are their pictures as well.
I think JJ's picture turned out hilariously adorable. Her style is something else. She's been busy with swim and diving lessons. She's way better than I am now. Her dad is teaching her how to shoot (my rifle is sadly fake, JJ is the actual hunter amongst us) and she has been going dirt biking with him and her little brother.

Jess has been getting ready for soccer. I always pictured her as more of a dancer, but she loves soccer.

Anyways, I keep busy with swim and piano lessons. Not to mention the boatloads of homework I get everyday. 7th grade can really suck sometimes.

Now, please pretend this last paragraph never existed as I am about to turn into a squeally fangirl. I love Spike from Flashpoint so much! Gah! I've been begging Mother everyday to get me the DVD's. She finally cracked, but now I have to wait for her to find a good deal. Such is the drama of obsessions, I suppose. Anyone else cracking with love for random things?


  1. I love your school picture! I personally think it's better than Jess'.

  2. You look good .. we have not had ours yet .. love your blog ..

    Ta Ta,

  3. Hey Emily.
    Your school pictures look pretty good. I like that you decided to wear black for yours because I love wearing black as well, and Jess' outfit looks great! JJ's style may be somewhat eclectic, but her school picture says so much about her personality. She looks like such a fun person to hang out with. :)

    Good luck with school!


  4. Your school pictures are beautiful! Ours will be taken next week. Yuck. I never know what to wear. I love Jess and JJ's too (love how JJ's personality comes out in this pic).

    Have a great school year!


    Juliette et Lucie

  5. You guys are all so awesome! You should see the grin JJ has on her face. I think you made her whole week! Hugs to all of you!