Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Sister: Nellie

I was sure I had already posted this picture, but I guess I hadn't. So here is my sister, Nellie, and the wonderful surprise she found during are "hunting" trip.

If you can identify what kind of scat that is, well, I guess, kudos to you. I personally try to stay away from it, but that kind of stuff fascinates Nellie. She also found a tiny toad, but Mother wouldn't let her play with it. It was a cute little thing, but I can't imagine letting one climb on me. That gives me the willies.


  1. I want to know what kind it is .. the only thing I heard from Marsali when I showed her was .. eeeewwwweeee grose .. LOL .. she is so squimish .. no wonder she does not go outdoors with us much .. LOL!!

    Ta Ta,

  2. As cute as little creatures may be, I am reluctant to pick one up or let one touch me. I agree; they give me the chills.