Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tea Party

I spent an interesting afternoon with my cousins yesterday. Before I start, though, let me make a quick introduction. My cousin Mackenzie "Mac" Scarlatti moved here from New York. She and Rebecca are best friends and so far she seems nice enough. I'll talk more about her in another post. She's 12 like Bec and myself.

 Anyways, Rebecca is a huge fan of all thing "girly-girl". She loves tea parties and frilly dresses. So we (Bec, Mac, myself, and Kit) went to this tea party place where you get to dress up in silly dresses and be served lemonade and tiny sandwiches.

Rebecca was in charge and got to ring the little bell when any of us wanted anything. She poured us lemonade and instructed us on how to behave like proper ladies.
 However, Kit and I discovered there was a box of cookies on the table and we became all "COOKIES!" and acted like, well, I don't know, brats, maybe?
 Meanwhile Mac is just contently watching and eating a tiny (tiny) peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Later Mac informed me that the dress Rebecca was wearing wasn't from the tea party place, but actually her own. I haven't been to Bec's house yet, so I have no idea how many foofy dresses she owns, but apparently it is a lot.
Here is the mandatory group shot so you can see how ridiculous we all look. Okay, I will admit I did have a tiny (like the sandwiches) bit of fun getting dresses up and trying to behave properly. I just hope my cousins don't make this a regular thing. Mac told me she doesn't like tea parties either but she learned long ago to fake it to please Becca. I probably just ruined that for her if Bec reads my blog.

Anyway, it was nice to get out of the house and do something different. Soon I will go to Mac's house and see her horses and new puppy (a Golden Retriever!).


  1. I feel your pain, Emily! I'm surprised Tess and Emma haven't put me up to something like this yet. Glad you survived the frillyness. :)


  2. I find it is fun to dress up in beautiful dresses and have tea parties .. it is so much fun to be 'girly' .. but I have sisters who agree with you on the no dresses and yucky girly girls things .. I am glad that you had a 'little' fun at least .. LOL!!


  3. That looked like a nice fun party.