Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Drama

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was about as crazy as Thanksgiving! I didn't get many action pictures. But here's one of all the goodies we made. There is chocolate chip cookies, red and green candy cookies, gingerbread cookies, and chocolate cake roll things.
On Christmas Eve, Mother, my sisters, and I went to the Wordworth household for dinner. Christmas Eve is when we do our big dinner and festivities. JJ's family was there, as was Jess', Molly's, and Samantha's. It was insane! But really fun. Us kids played hide-and-seek and then we hid upstairs while Santa brought presents. That waiting was the most fun. Our parents sent us upstairs way before Santa was to come so we took turns sneaking downstairs to see what the adults were doing. The reports went something like this:
"They're just drinking coffee." (Kit)
"They're eating cookies now." (Rebecca)
 "Emily's mom and Jess' dad are making out." (Hannah, Rebecca's sister)
 That was the end of sneaking downstairs since that put Jess off her rocker. She wouldn't speak to me the rest of the night :( I tried to tell her that I wasn't thrilled either but she just gave me the silent treatment. And when Jess does the silent treatment the temperature drops 30 degrees.
Eventually Santa did come and we all got to sneak downstairs and watch him put the presents under the tree.

Everything became crazy loud after that, as you can imagine with that many kids. Before presents there was dinner and pictures. Here's my favorites:
Elizabeth and Kit
Kit and ME
Gillian and Elizabeth
Samantha and Elizabeth
JJ and ME
Rebecca and ME
Elizabeth really likes getting her picture taken. I have some new people to introduce you to in future blog posts: my cousins Mac Scarlatti and Jess' little sister. Also some new pets my cousins received. How did everyone's holiday go? I could have done without the Jess Drama (thank you, Mother), but I'm learning to deal with it. Otherwise it was a great holiday! I got some new books and cowboy boots!

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  1. My Christmas was great; I got some new clothes, some CDs, and glasses.
    I understand about the drama; I had some of my own, never ends...