Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Pictures

I hope no one was truly looking forward to seeing pictures from my birthday. Mother's camera decided to die over the weekend. Oh, well, there will be plenty of Christmas party pictures to post I'm sure. 

Here's the pictures that were taken on Thanksgiving that I said I would post, like, three weeks ago. Time really does fly by. Anyone else think that?

Top row: Elizabeth, ME!, and Kit. Bottom row: Gillian, Nellie, Annie, and Morgan.
I think we all make a pretty good looking family. Though I think the little girls on the floor could have made a better effort to sit up. Such is life with a bunch of 8 and under sisters.

This is me with my sisters and cousins. Molly in on the far left and Rebecca is on the far right. Yeah, we're kind of a dweeby family. But it's awesome.

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