Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've Been Tagged!

Yay! I got tagged by The Green Girls! As everyone else has been doing, I will share 7 random facts about myself and tag seven more people who can do the same thing if they want.

1) I'm terrified of lobsters
2) Kit and I are 17 months and 19 days apart in age
3) My favorite meal is Parmesan chicken
4) Mother got my middle name off of Survivor
5) I sometimes sing in the shower
6) I don't like 'all natural' peanut butter
7) I was born in Las Vegas

Alrighty, now to tag 7 people.
1) Hannah from Into the Woods
2) Sophie from Le Fabuleux de Sophie Amelie
3) Sabine from Une Efant du Siecle
4) Juliette and Lucie from Triplet Dolls Diary
5) Piper from Pleasant Piper
6) Ivy from Me, Myself, Ivy
7) Ava from Ava Says


  1. Hehehe, great list!

    If you're scared of lobsters, you may not want to come to Atlantic Canada when seafood is in season.


    The Green Girls

  2. Hi Emily,

    Born in Las Vegas? Neat! Do you ever go back? I'd love to visit Las Vegas someday.

    All-natural peanut butter is the only kind of peanut butter we have at school. My teacher is rather obsessed with it and can't go back to peanut butter that isn't all-natural.

    Thanks for tagging me! Hopefully I can think of seven things about myself that I haven't revealed before.


  3. Green Girls,
    I take it there are a lot of lobsters during seafood season? I'll have to remember that, because that sounds terrifying!

    No, I haven't been back to Vegas and I honestly hope to never return. It's a fine place to visit, (though it used to be more fun, now it's not kid friendly at all) but it was a suck-y place to live.


  4. Hi Emily,

    Well, they're not... like... roaming the streets or anything, but you certainly see a lot in the grocery store and at restaurants.

    -The Greens

  5. Bonsoir, Emily!
    Nice list...I definitely agree with #5, though I mostly find myself singing as I dry my hair.
    Haha..Vegas. Liz's profile picture (for her dossier) is a photo of her holding a sign that says "Vegas or Bust". A few girls here were obsessed with getting to Vegas in I think 2008. I wasn't here yet, but my sister was, and she was one of those girls...