Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I know you all have forgotten what I look like since I haven't posted pictures in awhile (crazy school, homework should be banned), so today I bring you pictures of pets (and myself).
ME with Coconut (left) and Coco (center).
Just in case you didn't know, they are West Highland White Terriers. Coconut is 4 and Coco is 8. Coconut is more of a family dog and Coco is mine. Or at least she only responds to me. She never listens to Mother. It's kind of funny. Of course Mother does not think so.
Jess and Tatlo
Tatlo is a big ol' wolf dog mix. He's really sweet, but he will do anything to protect Jess. I hope everyone loves this pictures, 'cause it was a pain in the butt to get. Jess and I are on speaking terms again but we don't hang out anymore. I had to hack into her dad's computer to get the picture. Just kidding...maybe.
Rebecca and Seelia
Cousin Becker's got Seelia for Christmas. She's a really cute kitty, but boy does she have a temper! She hisses at everyone. She especially dislikes Rebecca's dad and attacks his legs when he comes home in the evening.
Mac and Rex
Mac received Rex for Christmas. He is the cutest Golden Retriever puppy in the world! He is really smart, too. Mac taught him to sit, shake, lay down, and high five. He can come when called and is now learning how to stay. The only thing he hasn't gotten yet is going potty outside. But can you blame him? It's been freezing and icy outside since he was born (but spring is here now). Mac says he needs to learn very, very soon, because she is sick of picking up "presents".
Mac, Fern (left) and Reed (right)
Mac also has 3 horses (here mare is camera shy). Fern is a dainty Paint filly. Reed is an Appaloosa colt. Reed is just about a year old now. He's very energetic, but Mac says he is going to be a great cutting horse since he is so quick on his feet. Fern is more docile and loving. Marley, Mac's mare, is a black and white Appaloosa. Mac rides her in competition. They do barrel racing together and Mac is always the leader of the girl's division (and she often beats the boys as well).


  1. Cute! I don't have any pets myself, but I sure like seeing photos of them. We also have enough animals roaming around school that I don't need any of my own.

    Glad you and Jess are speaking to each other again!


  2. Cute pets...your top is just as cute, too.
    I'm glad to hear that you are talking to Jess again. That's more I can say about me and the Jess here; she's a real pain...

  3. It is wonderful to see all of your pets .. I should do a post sometime and share all of our pets too .. animals sure make things in life a lot more fun .. they are wonderful to love ..

    So happy that you and Jess are at least speaking now .. so sad that you were fighting ..