Saturday, February 25, 2012

Riley's Room

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile! School has been taking up so much of my time and not a lot has been going on.

Anyway. Way back for Christmas, Riley was promised a new room and it's been slowly being put together and now it's finally done. Here's her critter corner:
 The bird's name is Shay, and you know Colin the Westie. Shay is such a funny parrot! Although not the most appropriate one! Apparently Aaron taught him how to cuss and now that's all he wants to say. Riley is trying to retrain him, but every time Shay sees Aaron he starts cursing again. Aaron and Shay have to be separated now, hehe.
 In the background you can kind of see Riley's cool bed. It's a trundle bed so I can sleep over and it's very comfortable. Her quilt has Scottie dogs on it. Oh, yeah, I'm holding a chicken. It's not real, but since Riley had Shay I didn't want to be left out.
Here's Riley and Shay again. Aren't they adorable? The pictures on the wall are from "Ice Age", Riley's favorite movies.

I'm trying to patiently wait for spring break and hopefully something more exciting to blog about.


  1. What a neat room! I love it! :-)

    Shay is so cute. I wonder if Blakeney would let us get a bird?

    The scottie dog comforter is really awesome.

    It's good to hear from you again, Emily!


  2. Bree,

    I'm glad to have a chance to blog again. You know what's even more awesome about Riley's comforter? It's reversible! The other side is pink with Scottie dogs.

    You should totally start asking Blakeney for a bird :)


  3. Room looks great .. we sure do miss you while you are not posting but understand the time crunch .. it can be hard to find good time to just relax and blog ..

  4. Oh neat! Reversible is even better!

    I asked Blakeney if we could get a bird but she said no because the cat or dog would probably eat it. :-(


  5. Salut, Emily!
    Riley's room looks great! I love the color of her walls! I also think Shay seems like one cool pet.
    Seeing photos of Riley makes me miss one of my own best friends; she happens to look similar to Riley, too.

  6. Riley has an awesome room!