Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snow Day

Well, actually the snow day was several weeks ago, but I have been too busy (lazy) to post. We don't have any snow anymore. The one good snow we had only lasted a week.
Riley and I made a snow fort...
 ... and JJ attacked!
 Later we had a snowball fight. Perhaps my snowball was too big? Is that even possible?
 JJ said she was ready for it.
 But... She was not a happy camper after that.
 Riley looked so cold in the snow!
 The last thing I did was make a snow angel.
When we went inside we had hot chocolate. I gave JJ extra marshmallows since she was still mad about the snowball. She forgave me after that. I wish it would snow again. There is something magical about that white stuff.


  1. That looks like so much fun! Too bad the snow didn't last very long :( .


  2. I agree! There is definitely something magical about snow, as cold as it is! You're lucky that you got some snow this year, even if it didn't last. We haven't had any, and we probably won't get any. It is alternating between cold and warm here, and the birds and flowers are so confused. The daffodils are already trying to come up!


  3. Sorry your snow did not last longer, but maybe you will get more .. we sure have not had any more around here. Weird winter for sure.

    It is so much fun to build forts and I am glad that JJ forgave you for getting her right in the face .. but snowball fights are a blast ..


  4. Salut, Emily!
    It looks like you girls had fun in the snow. We haven't received much snow here. I'd like to see some snow before spring, but I'm fine without it, too.

  5. How lucky for you Emilly! We never have snow. I'd love to have it snow here (temporarily, though). Great pictures and it looks like you had so much fun. Don't rust out those eyes! LOL!

    Lucie et Juliette

  6. Looks like so much fun, girls! We wish we'd been there to play too. ;-)