Friday, January 20, 2012

My Present

You might recall that Aaron had gotten me a present, but it was going to be awhile before it arrived. Well, it arrived and Aaron gave it to me at tutoring yesterday. What is it?

A laptop!
 I think I actually squealed when I opened it. I don't think I've mentioned what kind of computer I use since my first blog post a way long time ago, but I was using an old Mac (no, not my cousin Mac!). Having a laptop to blog on is so much better! So far it hasn't frozen or died or not saved my stuff. I couldn't thank Aaron enough.
It even fits in my backpack, so I can take it with me to tutoring or wherever. I'm just so excited! I want to do something for Aaron to show my thanks. Any ideas? I think I might invite him over for dinner and cook his favorite meal, assuming it's not something complicated!

On another awesome note: It snowed! And not just a little bit, like a foot or more! It's so beautiful... and cold! Misfit and Coconut love it even though they keep getting stuck in snow drifts. That's a terrier for you!

Well, I'm off to play--I mean, do homework on my new laptop! Thanks, Aaron!


  1. Wow Emily! That is awesome. Aaron sounds very generous. Enjoy your gift, and congrats on the snow!


  2. KEWL .. Aaron is soooo awesome to get you a lap top .. that is so wonderful and makes things a lot easier for you .. Marsali and I just got our own laptops with our new bedrooms sets and it is awesome to have our own to be on.

    YEAH That you got snow too .. and lots of it, I love it. Tomorrow we are going out to play in the snow for awhile .. I cannot wait. Hope you get out soon and have some fun in your snow before it is gone ..


  3. Salut, Emily!
    Wow, what an awesome present! That was very thoughtful of Aaron. I would love to get a new laptop.