Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meet Cute

No, I didn't meet anyone. This is about how cute William and my Westie's first meet was, hehe.

JJ came by this morning with William. All the Westies were in my room so we brought him up there.
Poor William looked quite overwhelmed at first! But, can you blame him? Four terriers starring at you is quite scary!
But it didn't take long for Misfit to be brave and leave the pack. She and William got along really well. Since it was another warm day (and not windy for once), JJ and I took the dogs outside. Misfit, Coconut, and William chased each other around and had a blast. Coco and Knut weren't too impressed with the puppy and sniffed around on their own.

We let the dogs come in and cool off while we had lunch. Then JJ and I talked and played with the dogs some more.
And because I know you love seeing pictures of me, here is one of me in my new t-shirt. Mother safety pinned the applique on, so I can change it with other ones and move it around.


  1. Salut, Emily!
    This post was cute- I liked seeing the dogs' meetup. I have a dog myself- a Chocolate lab named Cocoa Chanel. She's still in France, though.
    I also like the dogs' names.
    Your shirt is cute. You look good in that shade of purple. The interchangeable appliqués are a great idea.
    This might not seem like something I'd wear, but I really would like a Miley Cyrus t-shirt. My friends laughed because they don't think I'm a t-shirt kind of girl.

  2. Hey Sabine,

    I think you would look really cute in a t-shirt. Maybe a black one with a Miley Cyrus graphic in silver? I could totally picture you wearing something like that.

    Purple is my favorite color so, it's a good thing it looks alright on me!


  3. I am so glad that they are getting along great .. it will make your friendship easier when your hairy kids get along and can visit too ..

    That would be a great idea for your t-shirt, you can have several designs on one shirt .. kewl idea ..


  4. Aw, that is so cute! I love seeing all the dogs having fun together.

    I like your shirt, too!