Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm Still Here!

I can't believe how long it has taken me to post! My family has been pretty busy since we are all on break, although we start back to school this week :(

Anyways. Christmas Eve was a blast! The party was at the Sullivan's and Aaron even came! However, he got really drunk and Sean and Riley had to take him home early. On Christmas day, I went over to their house to exchange gifts. I got Riley a watch and a calendar for Aaron. My gift from Aaron still hasn't arrived yet. He said it will be here in about two weeks. I can't wait that long!
I bet you want to know what the present from Mother was. It was the purple hoodie I have been wanting forever! It is so soft and warm.
 I also got another great gift from Mother. A desk! My computer doesn't fit too well, but it works. Now I have a place to display some of my toys. Plus it looks so much better than my old desk.
I must say, even though my hoodie and desk are totally awesome, I think JJ got the best gift ever! Take a guess. No? A puppy!
JJ has been wanting a puppy forever. After Jadyn was born, she had given up hope of getting a pet since babies are expensive. But somehow her parents worked it out and got the kids a Chocolate Lab pup. JJ really wanted to name it Rowe or Grylls after her favorite Discovery Channel show's hosts, but her family vetoed those ideas. She settled on William after Will Turner from the pirate movies that she loves. William is a pretty crazy fellow. It's a good thing JJ has just as much energy!

Onto my family. Things have been going pretty well right now. Gillian is going to be away for awhile, but she is doing very well and is happy. I think it's actually been more of an adjustment knowing that she and Morgan are Casey's children and not my dad's than anything else. My dad hasn't been found yet, but Casey is footing the bill to find him and make sure he doesn't contact us kids.

Misfit the Westie is still with us and doing great. I'm certain we will adopt her soon. She and Coconut get along great. They're so cute when they snuggle together! (Don't worry, they're both fixed. No puppies for us!).

I think that is everything. I could complain about the weather--how it hasn't snowed yet and it feels like spring, and that it better get cold soon or I'm going to go crazy--but I won't. Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy New Year, Emily! :)
    You received some great gifts. I love the purple hoodie. It looks so warm! Of course, I love the desk. I get so much use out of mine.

    JJ's puppy is adorable! Have you introduced him to your Westies yet?


  2. Hello Emily .. Happy New Year to you too .. you got great gifts, we love our desk too, it is one of our favorite places to work on homework too. Marsali is totally in love with your hoodie, she LOVES purple and it looks so soft you could snuggle it ..

    Tell JJ her puppy is adorable and I am so glad that she got it. How fun ..

    Take care and have a great new year,

  3. Sophie,

    William hasn't met my Westies yet. We think this weekend might be a good time.

    JJ says thanks! She's so excited to begin puppy classes with him and to teach him tricks.