Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Summer Plans

Okay, so most of my plans are more like what I want to do this summer than what I'll actually be doing, but it will be fun to see how much I am able to cross off when September rolls around.

What I want to do:
  • visit Yellowstone
  • go hiking in the mountains
  • go to the river
  • horseback ride
  • make mud pies
  • go swimming
  • blog with Lyra
What I'll actually be doing:
  • karate lessons
See? My want list is a lot more fun. JJ will be doing swimming camp for several weeks and Riley has science camp. All three of us plan on teaching our dogs how to do agility. The only thing that is going to stand in the way of my plans is the grown-ups. I kind of need an adult to drive if I want to do most of the things on my list. Since we're out of school, Mother can work a little more since she doesn't have to drive us back and forth to school. Sean does just as much tutoring and classes during the summer as he does teaching in the school year. Aaron doesn't drive so he can't take me anywhere.

I'm optimistic that there will be time, though. After all, I do have three months. Does anyone else have any plans or wishes for the summer?


  1. Salut, Emily!
    I think everybody's "want" list sounds more fun. I want to go to DC, the beach, AGDC, take a road trip, and go on an unlimited shopping spree. Instead, I know I'm going to be stuck spending my summer days at the pool with Lilly while she tries to tan. I don't tan- I burn and get sun poisoning. Not cool. I guess I'll just lather up with sunscreen.

  2. Your wants seem to be much more fun for sure, we want to do some traveling, we really want to go to the redwood forests in California, and the beach too. Other than that I have not really looked ahead to the summer myself. We had our fun vacation in Bermuda last month. LOL!


  3. Hi, Emily. This is Summer. Your want list sounds fun - but so do karate lessons. I bet you can do some of your stuff from your list, though. After all, not all of it requires much travel, and a lot of it wouldn't cost anything.

    Good luck!

    I'm going to horseback riding camp this summer like I usually do. Other than that, I'm doing the LMPT contest and trying to spend as much time outside as humanly possible.


  4. Hi Emily! I have lots of summer plans too, and I know I probably won't get to do everything either. Your list sounds very cool! Hope you get to do a lot of it this summer.

    Also, I wanted to let you know I gave you the "Your Blog is Great!" award. Check out all the info at

    Happy summer!

  5. Hi! :) I love your blog!
    ~ Jess