Friday, May 25, 2012

Road Trip Part 2

Now for the rest of my trip. After spending the night in Chicago, we went to the zoo in the morning. It wasn't the most exciting zoo I've ever been to (Denver's was much better), but it was still fun. Plus I got to wear my new outfit I got at the AGP.

This is me compared to the size of a polar bear. I totally don't want to meet one! I barely come up to it's elbows!

Once we left Chicago we drove to Iowa and stayed the night. From there we headed to South Dakota. I never knew SD was so beautiful! I would love to go back there again. The state really loves its billboards, though. We probably saw over a hundred signs for Wall Drug and the Reptile Gardens. We did stop at Wall Drug and Sean bought a jackalope.

We got a hotel 15 miles from Mt. Rushmore for the night and early the next morning we got to see the mountain.
It was different than what I was expecting. I was thinking it would be bigger, but it was so far away. It was completely amazing, though. I'm really glad I got to go on this trip. We went through 8 states (9 if you count our layover in Denver): Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana! I've only been to three of those states previously. It was quite the adventure!

Now it's back to normal life, but I will never forget this trip.


  1. Wow, how fun! Great pictures! I especially love seeing you compared to animals - apparently animals are huge!


  2. Summer,

    Yeah, I never knew some species of animals were so big! It makes me feel like I'm 18 inches or something.


  3. Polarbears are my favorite animals that exist today, it is wild to see how little we are next to a polar bear. I have seen them in zoo's but that is it. I am so glad that you got to go and had so much fun too.

    Have a great summer,

  4. Mount Rushmore is so pretty!! Please come visit our blog...
    Thanks, can't wait to see you there!

  5. oh and there are SOOO many billboards, its hilarious isn't it?!