Monday, June 7, 2010

Hiking with Jess

So yesterday I finally got to go hiking with Jess and her dad. I don't think Jess was too thrilled, she hates getting dirty and sweaty. She was terrified the whole time of losing that dang monkey of her's. I told her she should have left it in the car. "But she will get too hot," she informed me. Nine-year-olds, what can you do with them?

I still haven't figured out if this is cool or just awkward. When we stopped to have a snack, Mother and Jess' dad, Casey, started talking about when they were in school, like a hundred years ago. Turns out they had dated in high school for, like, two years. Of course I had to ask what happened. I imagined it was something horrible, but then figured it probably wasn't since they are friends now. And I was right. They just graduated and Casey went to medical school. I don't think Jess was too happy to learn about this. She's been pretty protective (uptight) lately about her father dating. I thought everything was good with her, but I guess not.

I found this little hole on our hike. Looked like a rabbit had used it to take a dust bath (do rabbits even do that? They do now). Anyways.
Casey told us to climb the biggest tree we could find. Well, there were bigger ones, but Jess was getting crabby, so I just picked this one.A beautiful picture of me, just 'cause I know you blog reader(s) can't get enough of seeing my perfect mug.


  1. Hope you enjoyed the hike, even if some of it was a bit awkward. Two years is a long time to date in high school. I'm impressed your mom and Jess's dad can still be friends.

  2. Karma,

    I think my mom and Jess' dad went their separate ways for quite awhile, which might have helped them become close again. Or they're just weird, which is what I'm going with. I did have fun on the hike, but now there is talk of going camping. Awesome, but with Jess?

    Hugs and good wishes for your trip.