Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Playing Outside

On Monday Mother made all us sisters play outside together. I guess it was fun, I wouldn't have had anything else to do anyway. JJ was going to a BBQ with her family. Jess was gone on a weekend trip with her dad and his girlfriend*.

*I made a huge error in one of my previous posts. Jess' mom died a few years ago. Her dad's girlfriend is a teacher at our school. I am such an idiot.

First we played catch. I'm wearing my new hoodie. Mother had a cow about me possibly getting it dirty. I did not. Ignore the black "cow" (wow, I just used "cow" twice in the same paragraph and neither relating to the actual animal. I am awesome) in the background. Nellie opted out of playing any of the games. She's not particularly athletic.
Next we played soccer. Every time Annie ran towards the ball she tripped and fell on her butt. Little sisters, such clutzos.
Kit and I went rock climbing much to Mother's dismay. She was afraid we would fall, but she was the one who almost did! And she always forgets where she put the camera. She worries way too much about us getting dirty as well. After we came inside, she gave us all a good cleaning even though we didn't even get Dirty (don't ask why I just capitalized that, I'm just that awesome).
Elizabeth and I found a nice place to sit and enjoy the fresh air. Mother was even more freaked about us sitting there. It's hard to tell but it's a fairly steep drop and it's all wet and marshy below. I wanted to get closer to the edge, but of course I was told no.
I don't talk about Gillian much, so here's a picture of her picking flowers. Of course every time Mother went to snap the picture, Gillian fell flat on her face to freak Mother out. We are so not aloud to do anything fun.
And you know the best part of the outing? Elizabeth lost her shoe. Mother totally went Jack Bauer on her and made her look for it herself with only one shoe on. Luckily it was found not far from the house. How does one lose their shoe and not know it? We are just that amazing. Or weird, depending on your view of things.

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  1. Love the shots of you guys playing catch and soccer. It looks like you all have a lot of fun.