Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who's Excited for Halloween?

The J's are going to spend the night even though it's a school night. But we had to promise Mother we would not stay up too late and that we would get ready for school without throwing a hissy fit (remember that Jess!). I posted this pick on my other blog, but I'm going to post it here too because I can.
We made chocolate covered marshmallows for a Halloween goodie. They were so good we only had a few left to take pictures of!

Anyone going trick or treating? I live in the middle of nowhere, so I won't be, but Mother bought enough candy to make it more fun to stay home. Plus the J's and I get to help her make a cake! And we still get to dress up. I'm going as an FBI agent. Mother made me an awesome badge. JJ is going as a hippie and Jess as a colonial girl. That was the closest thing she could find to a princess costume. She's big with princesses right now.


  1. An FBI agent...cool! That sounds like the kind of costume I'd wear.
    I don't know what my classmates are doing for Halloween this year. Probably nothing special since they're usually saddled with homework around this time of year.


  2. I'm excited!
    I have lived in America for almost two years and have yet to dress up. However, I will be celebrating this year.