Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fast Food!

Yesterday Mother took Jocelyn, Jess, myself, and Kit out for dinner. Since Mother is so cheap (love you Mother!) we went to McDonald's.

Jocelyn and Kit had hamburgers, Jess had chicken nuggets, and I had a sausage/egg sandwich. I'm just that awesome.
 Of course I had fries too. Who goes out for fast food and doesn't have fries?
We also got ice cream! Which in hindsight I think was a bad idea. Kit was already pumped up with Halloween candy, and Jess must have been as well. This is what happened:
It could have been worse, I know. But we were in public! Sometimes I don't know what gets into Jess. She usually comes off as the sweet, innocent, quiet girl. Then she acts like one of my sisters.


  1. This makes me hungry for McDonalds!! :)

  2. This was a pretty funny post!
    By the way where did you get the Mc Donald's fast food set?
    ~ Caelen

  3. Caelen,

    I got it several years ago as a gift. I don't know if it would still be available now. But if you can find one, it's the perfect size.


  4. Wow...Jess is too funny!
    I know how you feel. My sister has done some pretty embarrassing things in public, too...

  5. Oh Emily! You guys need to cut down on the sugar.
    Mcdonald's egg and sausage sandwiches are so good.
    Hope you had a great halloween!
    -Issie @---->--->----

  6. Looks like you had a ton of fun even with silly sisters .. mine do the same kinds of things .. Hope you had a great weekend ..

    Ta Ta,

  7. Oh boy, crazy things do happen when one is at McD's! I don't eat there myself, but I've heard tales, LOL. I'm quite sure some of my classmates would do the same with their ice cream; in fact, I really have no doubt that they would!