Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cake Making

I'm a little late in posting these pictures. We made the cake for Halloween. But better late than never, right?

Here we are all ready to start mixing. Jess, my sister Kit, Jocelyn, and myself.
"I got the eggs!" Jocelyn yelled.
"No!" I said. "You can't just throw them in the bowl. You have to crack them. We don't want shells in our cake!"
"I'll pour the milk in," Jess said once we got the egg crisis sorted out.
Frosting time! We decided Jess was the one most likely to do a fairly neat job.
"We can't forget the sprinkles!"

The finished project.
Yeah, I don't think any of us will be pursuing a career in baking. But we are good at making a mess!


  1. Were some of the ingredients in the post real?
    When I was a kid like 4 yrs old which was 4 years ago my dad and I baked A LOT!!!!!!! ANd we still do!!! :)

  2. The eggs and milk are the only things not real. Everything else was edible. What kind of things do you bake?


  3. Hi Emily,

    Well, it's the process that counts! There's nothing better than making a mess in the kitchen with your best friends. :)

    As for cleaning up the kitchen, that's a different story! Washing dishes is not fun!


  4. Hey Sophie,

    Cleaning is totally not fun so... Mother did it, hehe. I'm sure she is dreading the Christmas baking season. Our poor table...


  5. Hi Emily,

    That's a pretty cool Halloween cake. I'm just glad the eggs didn't get added with the shells on! I don't like cleaning either, so you are lucky to have someone else do it. Are you going to make Christmas cookies this year?


  6. Hey Juliette,

    Yup, I plan to make Christmas cookies. I'll have more time then, so I can make them really good! Do you guys have any holiday baking plans?


  7. Hi Emily,

    We hadn't planned to be involved in the holiday baking plans (thought we'd leave it to the mini humans) but you have inspired us! We're going to try making Christmas cookies this year. We bought sprinkles yesterday! We can't wait to see your pictures when you are done baking!

    Your friends,

    Juliette and Lucie

  8. Yes, cleaning is totally not fun.
    I'm sure making the cake was a blast, though. I love making sweets.